So they laugh for the vampire who shows them even from… their bones!
Inevitably, you have never seen such a scene in history. American Leslie Gleb objects to treating them as dealing with glass fragments.
What does all this mean? As if they came from pagan metallologies. Taste the stick heaped on the heads. What is the opinion of the parishes in that shame?
We had thought, with such horrific naivety, that what happened on September 14, where the big scandal they were trying in vain to blame with their beards, could be a shock to bring them back to consciousness. What we noticed, insist on staying, naked, in the slave market!
Who listens to the parishes, the parishes who are fed up with the clown’s giggles, knowing that the earthquake beats on the breasts? One of them wrote, “It is time to get out of the culture of rust,” but from those rusty brains that run just as mummies. What did Donald Trump do to you in those deadly moments, when the big test was not only the ability of thrones to survive, even in the cracks of walls, but the possibility of awakening from protracted coma? What part of the coma separated from the shape of the cemetery?
We are all ashamed that the world was stunned by the reaction, and from the attempts to hide behind the shrines of Badi Al Zaman. Donald Trump has not given up for a moment smearing their faces. He missed the reminder: Did I not tell you that you are thrones from the tank?
This cry of despair from the systems spent trillions to stay at the bottom of time. It was supposed to build states, build societies, not collude with emperors, even with the devils, in the deals that devote us to the temple.
When do they realize that in the language of elusiveness and subjugation, they appear before the world as the most fragile and most accessible in the culture of debris, the laughter of the emperor in the hands of the emperor?
Everywhere in the globe they know what mythical figures have gone for arms deals, and what numbers have been used to market ideologies that are not even worthy of chickens. For your information only, parents were not aware of the fires until they appeared on the screens. Where are they, where are their collaborators, and where are their devices? All in Shahrazad’s closet. Now in the closet… Ivanka.
What happened is incredible. Any country in the world will reconsider its calculations, its policies, and even its way of thinking, at every turn. What followed the fire carnival proved that salt statues remain salt statues. More than once we invited you to watch Steven Spielberg’s film Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs swash in the glass rooms.
Americans are now writing about the sunset of dinosaurs in the Middle East. Those noses that touched Mars fell to the ground and smudged, and crashed.
Donald Trump probably won’t stay in place. In vain trying to leave a footprint on the walls of the century. On the walls of the White House. They are talking about the Greek end of the clown. In this case, what do those Arabs who, as in Goethe’s magnificent Faust, have sold their souls to Satan?
Researchers on both sides of the Atlantic believe that the demagogic policies of the US president, where blatant contempt and blatant attrition of others, must occur interactions in the sociological depth, and in the psychological depth. The hurricane is bound to come. In the midst of that noise, a waltz will not work on the Gulf waters since John Foster Dallas said, “Fasten this car to the American train.”
The Arabs have to break the doors of the cell and make the way to time. Other time.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Hurricane coming … coming – Al Watan newspaper

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