Pregnancy March 21 to April 20

You are in a good period to go out into the light after a period of living in the darkness or unintended isolation may live uproar caused by the frequent encounters and invitations and may consider a travel happy.

Taurus April 21 to May 21

Pay a little attention to things you may feel shaken at work and that your effectiveness and impact are little on the ocean and all you are a little hasty in the responses to the words and news you hear.

Gemini May 22 to June 21

It is important to end your work away from gatherings because the work is too much and you want to finish it. The tasks around you are many and the responsibilities are more and you don’t have time to visit or travel.

Cancer June 22 to July 22

Your quick and effective thinking makes your ideas turn into achievements as long as you wait, and may achieve professional goals, you may rejoice in good news at all levels because your movement is useful.

The Lion July 23 to August 21

Most of your clashes may be caused by an unexplained spontaneous or nervous word.Try to stay away from differences, because this month of marital disputes and even your family matters can be confusing.

The Virgin August 22 to September 23

Today you have happiness on the level of emotion and it may be a call from someone who has lost it or a good meeting brings you happiness and pleasure at the level of work, passion or money.

The Balance September 24 to October 23

You may think of a new project that could be a travel that generates a lot of money reduces your burdens or an offer of financial gain, travel or work, consult around you because today is lucky next to you.

The Scorpion October 24 to November 22

You wake up smiling early, your mind is structured according to a specific schedule you know will push you forward, you impose your view of the ocean and have insight into yourself and others.

Arch November 23 to December 22

Try to reassess things based on the above and without haste or haste judgments, you need emotional support and doses of tenderness and care, and do well in your audit.

Capricorn December 23 to January 20

The opportunity to meet strangers in your workplace or during your travel or social activities, you are in the best month of brightness and magic that touches you with his fingers.

The Aquarius January 21 to February 19

If you receive criticism or blame or feel that the practical or family environment deliberately disturb you, bear a little and do not spontaneously respond to any provocation surrounding you and reduce your words and emotions.

Pisces February 20 to March 20

Today, you hear business news that makes you happy and you may have confidence from someone higher than you. It may solve things you have lost hope of solving, such as real estate, family, and even business.

August 08, 2019

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Horoscope today – Thursday 08 August 2019

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