The Council of Trustees of Al Quds International Foundation confirmed yesterday that the victory of Syria is a victory for Palestine, and renewed its rejection of all forms of normalization with the Zionist enemy, while the Political and Media Advisor in the Presidency of the Republic confirmed the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Jerusalem International Foundation- Aims to end the Arab-Israeli conflict in the interest of the Zionist enemy, through the so-called «Arab Spring» will not be able to do so, because there are living consciences in our Arab nation is always Palestine is the compass.
“It has become clear to all of us that what they called the” Arab Spring “and all that our people have been exposed to in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan and Palestine, Shaaban said after the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, Ending the Arab-Israeli conflict for the benefit of the Zionist enemy, but they will not be able to do so because there are living consciences in this nation that always considers Palestine to be the compass. ” She added: “We in Syria consider that all the martyrs who have died, and who we have mercy on and all the wounded who suffer, are the martyrs of Palestine and wounded Palestine. Shaaban stressed that the terrorism that hit Syria, which strikes Yemen, Iraq and Libya, has no doubt that its origin is Zionist and its goal is to achieve the goals of Zionism in this Arab-Israeli conflict.
She said: “If some Zionist leaders are distributed on YouTube and say: We do not care about the Arab people, some of the rulers make it impossible for us to print with us. We tell them to congratulate you on those who print with you. What makes history in our nation is the Arab people, .
Shaaban paid tribute to the martyrs of Syria and the allies and friends who have destroyed this land, and to President Bashar al-Assad for his steadfastness, resistance and constant rhetoric that Arabism is the compass and that Jerusalem is the foundation and that the liberation of Arab lands is what we seek.
“The Zionist enemy has forgotten that it is the free and the honest who make the history and that the customers go to the waste of history always and never, that is the logic of history.
Shaaban paid tribute to the Palestinian people, families, children, women and men and to the Almoravids in Al Aqsa Mosque. “You represent the conscience and honor of this nation,” she said. You are keen on Palestine and the future of the Arab nation. “
The Council, in its final statement read by the Director General of the Foundation behind the key, expressed its pride in the achievements of Syria, its army and leadership at all levels which contributed to maintaining Syria as an independent state and to the identity of the region with its cultural geography.
The Council affirmed that the victory of Syria is a victory for Palestine and for all honorable people on the world scene and a victory for humanity because the terrorist legislator in essence is a conflict between the idea of ​​reaction and the cultural idea carried by the Syrian people throughout history. The Council stressed the need to stand by the Palestinian people and to reject the continued Israeli aggression against it and its rejection of all forms of demographic and geographic Judaization against the city of Jerusalem, calling for the rejection of all forms of normalization with the Zionist enemy. The Council saluted Syria, its army and its leadership, represented by President Assad, who was able, with his steadfastness, courage and wisdom, to preserve Syria, break the terrorist project and defeat the aggressive Zionist plan that targets the region. The Council affirmed its support for the Lebanese national resistance and its rejection of all attempts to abuse it by the Western powers. He condemned the positions of some Arab regimes with the Zionist entity and its alignment with the American position and the Zionist enemy in inciting against Iran, which supports the resistance.
The Council concluded by paying tribute to Syria, its heroic army, its wise leadership and all those who make an effort to support the Palestinian cause.
In a statement to «Al Watan», the Assistant Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command Talal Naji commented on the news of a visit by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to Damascus: «We heard that Abbas will visit Syria, but not yet We have accurate information about a specific date for the visit. However, we hope that the Syrian-Palestinian relations will be discussed and strengthened in order to strengthen the Palestinian position and turn it against the “Deal of the Century”.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Held its annual meeting in Damascus .. He renewed his rejection of all forms of normalization with the Zionist enemy … Board of Trustees «Jerusalem Foundation»: the victory of Syria is a victory for Palestine

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