Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem held a press conference with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing yesterday.
“We do not wish and do not seek a confrontation between our armed forces and the Turkish army in principle,” he said. “We are fighting terrorism in Idlib and this is Syrian land,” he said, pointing out that the Turkish presence in Idlib, Turkey occupies parts of Syrian territory, wondering: What are the Turks doing in Syria? Do they exist for the organizational protection of the Front Nasra and Dada, and the East Turkistan terrorist movement? Stressing the exit of all foreign forces in Syria illegally.
Al-Moallem expressed Syria’s thanks to China for its support for the unity of Syrian territory and the sovereignty of Syria, stressing at the same time that Syria firmly supports the territorial integrity of China and regards the achievements of the Chinese people as a true contribution to human civilization.
Al-Moallem reiterated that Syria is continuing to work to find a political solution to the crisis, bearing in mind that the UN Security Council has recognized that the subject of the Constitution is a matter for the Syrian people alone and is the decision-maker in this regard.
For his part, Wang Yi said that the overall direction of the Syrian-Chinese friendship has not stopped or changed. China is keen to push bilateral relations with Syria forward and supports its efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis and maintain its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.
He stressed the need to accelerate the political solution to the crisis in Syria through dialogue, in parallel with the continuation of the fight against terrorism in Idlib, where the spread of terrorists constitute a major danger, pointing out that the acceleration of the reconstruction process in Syria, ensure sustainable development, and that his country will continue to support Syria in this the operation.
Later in the day, official talks were held in Beijing between the teacher and Wang Yi, during which they stressed the importance of continuing exchanges of visits and increasing coordination between the two countries on all levels in order to reach these relations to the level of strategic relations.
They also exchanged views on the developments in the situation in Syria and the region and the ongoing efforts to make progress in the political process of the crisis in conjunction with the need to continue to combat all forms of terrorism, including economic terrorism practiced by America and a number of allies on the Syrian and Chinese peoples. Were addressed.
For his part, Wang Yi stressed China’s openness and willingness to strengthen relations with Syria as a traditional historical friendship linking the two countries, and welcomed the policy of orienting announced by Syria.
Wang Yi stressed the position of his country, which regards the Golan as an occupied Syrian Arab land and that China rejects any unilateral actions to change this reality, which is enshrined in UN resolutions and the UN Security Council.
The talks were attended by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Fayssal Mekdad, Syrian Ambassador to Beijing Emad Mustafa, Director of the Special Office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Mohammed Al-Omrani and the delegation accompanying the teacher.
Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong and a number of senior officials of the Chinese Foreign Ministry also attended.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Held a press conference and a joint talks with his Chinese counterpart in Beijing … Teacher: We do not seek confrontation with Turkey, but what are they doing in Idlib ?! Wang Yi: Our approach to friendship with Syria is continuous

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