Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Faisal Al-Miqdad warned that the countries that intend to send new soldiers to the areas of control of the American occupation in Syria the consequences of this step, and stressed that those who believe that he can overcome Syria through terrorism is the most important and will pay a lot of money in vain.
While expressing his confidence that Russian friends are exerting all their efforts to convince the Turkish regime to abandon its expansionist ambitions and support for anti-Syrian schemes, Mekdad stressed that there is no longer any obstacle on the part of Damascus to starting the work of the Constitutional Constitutional Review Committee.
“From the very beginning, the Zionist circles were mainly behind the Syrian crisis, and the United States and the Western countries were trying to impose a new reality on the countries of this region,” Mekdad said in an interview published by the Lebanese e-mail website.
“They believe that when Syria is subject to their will, the whole region will be subject to them. These attempts failed,” he said, adding that they tried to fight Syria and support all the criminals, murderers, terrorists and insurgents for a year. They were betting that the second year would achieve what they wanted. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and did not achieve anything.
He stressed that what can not be ignored is that what they achieved is the killing and destruction of the Syrians and the distraction of this region from its main enemy, Zionism and the liberation of the occupied Arab territories. He said: “We have tried over the past period in our contacts with the former special envoys Syria) and now with the non-Pederson to work to find solutions that some believe lead to the restoration of security and stability to Syria ».
“Of course, we do not trust the intentions of the United States or its allies or its tools, and we warn that he believes that he can defeat Syria by using the weapon of terrorism. He is the most important and he is wrong and he will pay a lot of money in vain.”
Commenting on Pedersen’s visit to Damascus last Tuesday, Mekdad said: “Now this is Pedersen’s fourth visit to Damascus, and we discussed earlier in ways that would lead to a good formation of the Constitutional Commission. “In this meeting, we were able to reach a lot of solutions, if not most, of the procedural issues that hindered the achievement of the final goal and the start of the constitutional committee.”
“He can not now determine exactly what aspects we reached to resolve with Pedersen because the latter needs to review some parties on the international and regional arenas to make the final decision.
However, al-Miqdad stressed that there is no longer any obstacle on the part of the Syrian Arab Republic to start the work of the committee to discuss the constitution, pointing out that there are some technical and technical issues on some aspects and that Damascus will continue to consult in the next few hours and days.
He stressed that Syria has not and will not stand in the way of any action that could eventually lead to the cessation of bloodshed carried out by the United States of America, the Turkish government and some Arab parties, which have reached each other to send their delegates to the Syrian territory and territories occupied by some foreign forces and some Groups associated with the US occupation and colonization as well as some Kurdish political organizations.
“They must know that Syria will remain one and that it will resist all these attempts,” Mekdad said.
“I assure those who are thinking of sending new troops to Syria, which we are now following in the media, that they are wrong on the one hand and that they are sacrificing their forces and sending them without any justification to prevent the cessation of bloodshed on Syrian territory,” he said. “What does it mean for these countries to send these forces to the American administration, but to submit to the wishes of Israel? We urge these countries not to continue destroying Syria and to preserve the lives of its soldiers and soldiers.
On the round of talks, scheduled for early next month, Mekdad said: “In all the previous 13 meetings, each meeting was a step ahead of the previous meeting, which will be discussed at the next meeting in the Kazakh capital, ), Which was named after Astana, practically assess what happened ».
“For example, the cease-fire in Idlib was not achieved as a result of the crimes committed by the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan against our people in Idlib and its support for terrorist groups, including the organization of the” victory front “registered terrorist entity on the Security Council regulations, should discuss such topics because The Syrian bloodshed by these parties can not continue without meaning, only in retaliation for their failure to subjugate Syria to what they want and this is impossible. They must know that this will not be achieved at all, even if the price of that is the last Syrian child. This must be known and they must retreat. They must maintain their material resources instead of being dispersed in places They have no interest in them. “
He stressed that the era of colonialism and hegemony has ended, and they must know that the Syrian people and the peoples of the free zone and the axis of resistance will not accept this.
“I say clearly and frankly that we have no illusions about Erdogan’s intentions,” he said. “He is an extremist ideology and we know what extremist religious orientations he belongs to. We also know that the Western orders Especially that it is still issuing, and it wants to satisfy all these trends, whether American or Zionist, whether it is announced or not, but this is its true mandate. “
“Erdogan must know that the Turkish people who dropped him in the Istanbul battle are also capable of dropping him from office. We are betting on the consciousness and wisdom of the Turkish people. .
On the Syrian-Russian relations, Meqdad stressed that these relations are strategic relations that serve the two countries. “We trust that Russian friends are working and exerting all their efforts to persuade Erdogan to abandon his expansionist ambitions and his support for anti-Syrian plots which do not interest the Turkish people, We tried to establish the best relations with him before the outbreak of these events in Syria, but it turned out that deviant can not become a moderate one day.
He added: “We must follow the struggle and follow the pressure of friends on Erdogan to stop the shedding of the blood of Turks and Syrians and this unstable situation in the region.”
He stressed that Damascus does not try to harm the lives of the Turkish people, and does not try to harm the Turkish economy, but working to establish better relations with this people.
On the relationship between Damascus and Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Miqdad said, “Our relations with President Aoun are excellent and he will visit Syria at the time he sees fit and we welcome him.”

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

He stressed that the next round of Astana should discuss the crimes of Erdogan … Miqdad: There is no longer any obstacle on the part of Damascus to start the work of the Committee to discuss the Constitution … warned countries that intend to send new soldiers to Syria

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