Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Walid al-Moallem reiterated Syria’s constants towards a number of existing political and field data, affirming the determination of Syrians to regain their entire land and normal lives.
In an interview with al-Mayadeen yesterday, al-Moallem stressed that “the territory under the control of the SDF militia must return to the control of the Syrian state,” adding: “I tell our Kurdish brothers not to be deluded by American promises.”
Al-Moallem stressed that the Israeli raids on «Al-Tanf» are carried out «American commissioned and coordinated with them», explaining that «Israel has not stopped interfering in support of terrorism».
Commenting on the opening of the existing Al-Bukamal border crossing between Syria and Iraq, Al-Moallem described this as a “natural development”, revealing that the United States “is still trying to prevent the work of Al-Bukamal, yet it is a good step.” He described the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s plans to settle Syrian refugees in the safe areas as “ethnic cleansing”, stressing «the need for the return of refugees to their areas and not to the camps».
The teacher stressed in his interview that «the security of Turkey’s borders is not based on the occupation of areas in another neighboring country», saying that the «Adana» is a solution to border security if «Turkey chose to be a neighbor», adding in this context: «In the end Turkey is an enemy country occupying our territory, and if it wants to act as a neighbor it must first show goodwill by withdrawing its troops from Syria ».
Regarding the declaration of the Constitutional Committee, the teacher explained that «what was agreed on the procedural basis of the work of the Commission can every Syrian proud,», adding: «The Commission is Syrian property and Syrian leadership and outside interference in its affairs».
He criticized both the platforms «Riyadh» and «Cairo» and said: «We understand the opposition as an opposition in Syria national, not opposition in hotels».
The teacher reassured all “displaced” Syrians wishing to return, to “the stability and security of their homeland and we will give them what helps them.”
In response to the reported arrest of returning IDPs, the teacher said, “I challenge them to show one name from them. We will not arrest anyone but encourage IDPs to return safely to their villages, and we will provide all possible facilities.”
Al-Moallem denied US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s accusations that Syria was using chemical weapons. “We are witnesses to many lies issued by him and before him.”
The foreign minister stressed that «Iran was at the forefront of countries that supported Syria in its war against terrorism, while some Arab brothers were carrying a dagger in our back», reiterating that «Iran has no ambitions in Syria, and no Iranian armies at all we have but there are some Advisors.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

He stressed that Israel has not stopped supporting terrorism and «opposition» is not hotels … Teacher: Turkey is an enemy and the settlement of «refugees» in «safe» ethnic cleansing

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