In his keenness to put the steadfast citizen in the face of war, President Bashar al-Assad, during his chairmanship of the regular cabinet meeting yesterday, pointed out that the most important step in building effective communication with citizens is transparency and providing information.
President al-Assad yesterday chaired a regular meeting of the government focused on the need to develop a mechanism and a specific strategy for how to strengthen communication with the Syrian citizen in the next phase, according to the news agency «SANA».
During the meeting held at the Prime Minister’s office, President al-Assad pointed out that the most important step on the road to building effective communication with the citizen is transparency and providing information about the crises and emergency situations facing the government that have a direct impact on people’s lives, Helps people understand the work of government and official institutions.
President Al-Assad pointed out that the weakness of communication and lack of success in the proper marketing of the work of state institutions and work in an individual framework contributed to the enlargement of the image of the crises caused by the enemies of the Syrian people for the eighth year in a row on all levels, especially military, political and economic. Communication allows citizens to be placed in the form of policies implemented by official institutions in the face of false or incorrect news.
He added that dialogue with the citizen and how to address him and direct messages that meet his needs, is the best way to know changes in the society and how to develop, and thus develop with him, and build a good relationship between the citizen and the government based on credibility.
President al-Assad briefed ministers on the obstacles facing them in their work and suggestions that can contribute to overcoming these obstacles and improving government performance, which directly affects citizens.
This, the president received earlier in the day, Catholics Aram I Keshishian, Armenian pastor of the Great House of Kilikia and his party.
He stressed that Syria was and will remain the homeland for all its people regardless of religion or race, praising the national role played by the Syrian Syrians through their embodiment of the values ​​and meanings of citizenship, belonging and national unity in the face of the subversive projects that the barbaric terrorist war against Syria, The massacres carried out by the Ottomans against the Armenian people.
For his part, Catholos Aram I stressed that Syria was the sanctuary and safe haven of those who survived the massacres of the Ottomans. The Syrian people, in all its forms and manifestations, struck the most wonderful example in countering obscurantism and terrorist and exclusionary projects by adhering to their homeland and the message of love, peace and moderation. Syria, through history, stressing that the steadfastness of the Syrian people and the sacrifices of its army, wisdom and steadfastness will undoubtedly lead to victory and the eradication of terrorism.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

He met the Catholics Aram I and stressed that Syria was and will remain the homeland for all its sons … President Assad to the government: the most important to communicate with the citizen transparency and provide him with information

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