President Bashar al-Assad yesterday morning visited a number of Syrian Arab Army forces stationed on the front lines in the southern countryside of Idlib and Northern Hama, against terrorist organizations supported by the Turkish regime, and stressed that «the battle of Idlib is the basis for resolving chaos and terrorism in all areas of Syria», and that “The Turkish invader will be expelled sooner or later,” he said, describing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as “a thief who stole factories, wheat and oil, and today he is stealing land.”
President al-Assad listened to a presentation by Defense Minister Ali Abdullah Ayoub to the commanders of the forces stationed in the town of Al-Hubait about the field situation at the current stage, especially after the combat operations that resulted in defeating the terrorists and regaining control over dozens of villages and towns spread over hundreds of kilometers and preparations. The readiness of the forces to liberate Idlib and other areas where terrorist organizations are still deployed.
President al-Assad said that what our armed forces achieved in the last stage when liberating Khan Sheikhoun and the surrounding villages comes within a series of victories that constitute the natural context of the Syrian Arab Army during the years of the war on terrorism .. This is the result of tremendous efforts and huge sacrifices made by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army They embody the will of the people to defend and protect the homeland in the face of what they are subjected to.
President al-Assad added: What happened to Syria during these nine years can be likened to the chapters of a play prepared and directed and carried out by one side, but in each chapter there was a different hero or a different representative, and the hero of the current stage is Erdogan, who was the most successful tool to the American master And to be a thief of wheat, oil and laboratories, and now trying to steal the land.
President al-Assad pointed out that despite the fact that some people bet on foreign parties instead of betting on the homeland and not accepting in coordination with their compatriots to prevent the thief from completing his crime, what is important today is to mobilize efforts to mitigate the effects of the invasion and expel the invader, a national and constitutional duty.
President Assad said, according to a video published by the Presidency on its page on the social networking site «Facebook» «We are home when we know that there is a thief moving in the street to steal houses, what to do ?. Of course we coordinate between each other, but unfortunately some Syrians did not do so, especially in the early years we were telling them to bet only on the Syrian army, bet on the Syrian people, bet only on the homeland .. always be in the bosom of the homeland, but no life For those who call and continued bets », pointing out that he is talking about some of the groups in the north that we all know.
He added: «In the later stage after 2014 the bet went to the Americans and we repeated the same words: Do not bet on the American because he will sell you one day and we said this secretly and publicly in speeches and closed sessions with them, but there is no life for those who call».
“It happened, and after all the sobriety we’ve heard over the years from some people they will fight.
The Turkish occupied most of the area planned by the American ».
“Now we are not in a position to blame others,” Assad said. “We are now at the heart of a battle and the right thing to do is only mobilize efforts to mitigate the damage of the invasion and expel the invader sooner or later.”
He continued: Therefore, the first work we did at the beginning of the aggression in the north is to issue a kind of amnesty so that everyone is ready to face the aggression and considering that the bulk of the people immersed with the terrorists and separatist groups are overwhelmed, pointing out that he was also communicating with various political forces We have said that we are ready to support any group that resists Turkish aggression, and of course this is not a political decision, but a constitutional and national duty.
President al-Assad stressed that the Idlib Front is very important, especially as it was an advanced outpost for them while the battle was in the east, in order to disperse the army, so we have always stressed that the resolution of the battle of Idlib is the basis for ending the chaos and terrorism in all of Syria.
President Assad also inspected two military units based in the Idlib and Hama countryside.
President al-Assad said during a meeting with fighters and officers: that as a soldier who does not have the ability to read the military map of the field can lose the battle, a politician who can not read the political map is causing great harm to his country and puts him in dangerous situations, which happened with a number of Arab politicians Those who have caused their positions to reach the Arab situation to what it is today, and who wants to read the current situation in Syria must come down to the field because the one who draws this map is the Syrian soldier and his bravery and courage in the face of strong forces supported by dozens of countries and all kinds of support.
President al-Assad pointed out that the battles waged by the heroes of the army and the armed forces are difficult and many, and perhaps the most difficult thing that man can experience is war, but the war is not more difficult than losing the country, and losing the confidence of the Syrian citizens who are still a few kilometers from here under the injustice of the terrorists and their crimes and waiting The Syrian Arab Army to rid them of them is no more difficult than the inability to answer a mother, father, wife, sister or brother who has been kidnapped by terrorists and waiting for the army to know his fate.All these years, the army fighters have been on the mission and have endured what the West has failed to believe.
President al-Assad asked the soldiers and officers he met to convey his greetings to their families, who were the most important factor in the upbringing of heroes capable of protecting the country, defending it, and sacrificing for it and its children.

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Translated from Alwatan News Syria

He described Erdogan as a “thief” .. He stressed that the resolution of the battle of Idlib is the basis for ending the chaos and terrorism in all of Syria … From the front lines Brevi Idlib and Hama .. President Assad: Turkish invader will be expelled sooner or later

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