The Russian ambassador in Damascus, Alexander Yevimov, stressed that his country has been and will remain with Syria, and stressed the need to fight terrorism in the areas where it is still in Syrian territory, including the region of Idlib and the northeast, reiterating the departure of foreign forces in Syria Illegitimate as soon as possible.
In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the martyr Mohammed Adnan Kolki School for Basic Education was inaugurated yesterday in Barzeh al-Balad, north of Damascus, after it was restored and rehabilitated by the Fund of Religious Societies in the Russian Federation.
The inauguration was attended by Assistant Minister of Education Farah Suleiman Al-Mutlaq, representing the Minister of Education Imad Al-Azab, Chairman of the Damascus Governorate Council Khaled Al-Harah, representing the Governor of Damascus Adel Al-Olabi, the Russian Ambassador in Damascus, and the delegation of the Russian Association of Religious Affiliations in the Russian Federation, headed by Father Archimandrite Sivan Yvonomov. Department of Foreign Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate.
In a special statement to Al-Watan on the sidelines of the event, Yevimov explained that the restoration of this school is a first step in a series of next steps aimed at providing Russian contribution to the reconstruction of Syria.
Asked about Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s remarks that the war in Syria is over and there are only hotspots for terrorism, Yevimov said: “Yes, the Russian minister has said so.” We need to continue fighting terrorism there, including in Idlib and northeastern Syria. ”
If there are new agreements on Idlib after the tripartite summit of the guarantors of the Astana process, which was held in the middle of this month, Yevimov said: «We have with the Turkish side the agreement concluded last September and we believe that this agreement is sufficient to achieve the main objective in this region “Russian efforts are aimed at this.”
He added: «In the agreement (Sochi) there are items that provide for the liberalization and opening of international routes and we always put this issue on the agenda of all talks with the Turkish side and this issue was discussed at the tripartite summit recently, according to the statements of the Turkish side they promised to fulfill their promises according to What the agreement says. ”
Regarding the intensification of the American occupation forces in support of the Syrian Democratic Forces – SDF, the terrorist separatist, after President Vladimir Putin’s talk about the necessity of the American forces out of northeast Syria and preventing the division of the country, Efimov said: «I can confirm the official Russian position represented in the statements of the leadership “The Russian president, including the Russian president and foreign minister, is against the illegal presence of the armed forces of foreign countries and we call for their immediate removal from Syrian territory.”
In a speech on the sidelines of the event, Yevimov said: Our two countries have a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.According to the saying of the friend at the time of distress, Russia came to Syria to help the Syrian people several years ago.We have been side by side in one trench, and we have achieved great successes in the fight against terrorism. “Almost all of Syria has been liberated.”
He continued: «The Syrian people are gradually recovering, and restore peaceful life, and this is the first project and will come after other new projects, and as a representative of the Russian President in the Syrian Arab Republic I assure you that Russia was and will remain with Syria».
“On the basis of these relations between our peoples and our presidents, we will succeed in defeating terrorism and restoring peace to Syrian territory,” Yevimov said.
In turn, Father Yvonomov told Al-Watan: “We would like people in Syria to know that terrorism has almost been won in Syria. It is time for reconstruction in the country. Russia was during the war and is still with Syria.”
He added: Syria is a holy land for Christians and Muslims as well, but unfortunately during the years of war operations were carried out against Christians and against Muslims as well as heinous crimes were carried out in Syria and acts directed to destroy the faith in this country in general, so today I am pleased and happy to see in Syria, that The plan to destroy it and destroy faith has failed. ”
“Therefore, the future of Syria must be the same as it was in the past,” he said. “There must be coexistence for all religious communities. It is very important that in Syria there are representatives of all Christian and many Muslim communities and we must maintain this coexistence.” ».
For his part, Deputy Minister of Education told Al-Watan on the sidelines of the occasion that the policy of closing schools and stopping the educational process was a deliberate policy by terrorists and their leadership and supporters, but the Syrian leadership viewed the issue of continuing the educational process as a continuation of life.
He added: «We are told that the restoration of this school will not be the last moral and material assistance, but these spiritual institutions and the Russian government will continue to support Syria».

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

He called for the withdrawal of foreign forces in the country illegally “as soon as possible” … Yevimov told «homeland»: Russia was and will remain with Syria and must continue to fight terrorism on its territory

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