Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Najda Anzour, considered that the so-called “Caesar’s Law” signed by US President Donald Trump under the pretext of protecting civilians in Syria, “does not target all civilians of the Syrian people,” calling to confront it by establishing a productive, resilient, and dependent economy on imports External and rehabilitating the various domestic production engines.
In a statement to Al-Watan, Anzour said that this law comes after several unilateral coercive measures taken by America against Syria, as well as European and Arab countries.
And in a clear message that the American administration is going to a climax in its terrorist war against Syria with its economic hardship, US President Donald Trump signed last week the so-called “Caesar Law” under the pretext of protecting civilians in Syria, in a new American orgy on the Syrians and their future, revealing the truth of the West Humane, after the US Congress ratified it with both the House and Senate.
In response to a question about how Syria can counter this law, Anzour said: “It is true that the United States still controls the global money movement, but different channels have been freed from this monopoly and regardless of the correctness of the example (Cuba, Korea, Russia, Syria itself), all this. May enable us to establish a resilient product economy with little reliance on external import and rehabilitation of various local production engines based on their various institutional mounts of integrated industry with agriculture and provide the necessary services to them.
Anzour pointed out that President Bashar Al-Assad had pointed out with great clarity the focus on the micro and small sector, which must be found publicly and integrated programs for him in government policy, then this siege that is getting more injustice will not have that effect on our country, knowing that in the text came To protect civilians, it only targets all civilians of the Syrian people.
On what Syria’s allies can offer her to confront this law and all unilateral coercive measures, Anzour said: “When trade is strengthened and economic policies are integrated and the individual in these countries does not wait for goods and facilities from the West, then we can say: The effect of this alliance has He has a real shadow on the ground, and this is possible and in need, not only for real wills, but also for departments that mimic those wills.
And if this law and coercive measures can affect the situation in Syria, especially as it comes at a time when the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are continuing the war on terror and achieving successive victories, Anzour said: “I do not think that its impact is to be to this extent, and we have noted that creation Alternatives that can mitigate its effects.
In response to a question if this law could affect the political process, especially the work of the Constitutional Committee, Anzour said: “They have always been calling us for a political process as an introduction to the political solution, and here is the Constitutional Committee that has started its work, asking: Is it not strange that the siege has increased? Through “Caesar” or something else, while the process that they previously claimed is keen and willing to start.
He added: “We thank God that the Syrian state’s desire for a political process is an internal desire and is not affiliated with foreign agendas. Otherwise, it would be logical for this process to explode immediately in light of these American actions, so I think its effect will be at the lower levels.”
And if there is a link in the timing between the ratification of this law and the turmoil in neighboring countries, Anzour said: «Of course I find that the association is unfortunately organic, it is true that what is happening in the ocean, many of which are purely internal, but any sane person observes its effect on us, especially in the economic issue and in a movement Capital, therefore, of course, there is an organic link, unfortunately, it must be used to re-attract Syrian heads and later their money into their homeland and enhance confidence, yes confidence in Syrian banks, a free zone or inside Syria, to re-pump it into the arteries of the national economy and this is possible ».
After Trump signed the bill that was part of the Defense Budget Bill for 2020, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed in a statement posted on the department’s website that this law gives US authorities “tools to help end the ongoing horrific conflict.”
Disregarding his country’s most prominent role in what has been happening in Syria for more than eight years in its support for terrorism and terrorists, Pompeo stated that “the law requires that those responsible for the large-scale killing of civilians and the numerous atrocities committed in Syria be punished, especially with the use of chemical and other barbaric weapons.”
Pompeo was very transparent in his clarification that the “Caesar Law” provides for the imposition of sanctions and restrictions on those who provide support to officials in the Syrian government, in reference to the countries supporting Syria in its war on terrorism.
The US Secretary of State indicated that the law aims to deprive the Syrian government of the financial resources that benefit from it for what he called “fueling the campaign of violence and destruction that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians”, knowing that the alleged international coalition led by his country against the terrorist organization “ISIS” and the approval of many Studies were more civilian casualties than those killed by the organization.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

He called for his confrontation with the establishment of a resilient, productive economy with little dependence on external import and rehabilitation of various local production engines … I visit “Al-Watan”: “Caesar’s Law” targets all civilians of the Syrian people

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