After being involved in supporting and training terrorists, especially those who contributed to the killing of the Syrians and destroyed the Yarmouk camp, causing the displacement of tens of thousands of Palestinians and Syrians, Hamas reverted to its positions, reminiscent of literature it had learned during the war against Syria.
“It is in the interest of the resistance to have good relations with all the countries that are hostile to Israel, especially Syria, Lebanon and Iran,” said Mahmoud al-Zahar, a member of Hamas’ political bureau. Zahar revealed in statements quoted by the agency «Tasnim» Iran, «efforts to return to the relationship with Syria, but the Syrian state feel the wound of the relations.» He said: «President Bashar al-Assad and before the crisis opened us all the world, and suddenly broke the relationship, and I think That it was the first not to leave it and not to enter into the crisis ».

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Hamas is trying to regain its memory: President Assad opened the whole world to us

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