The lira strengthened its gains against the dollar yesterday for the second day in a row, as it improved by more than 20 percent in the past two days as the exchange rate touched the level of 800 pounds to the dollar at yesterday’s close in black market trading, after it had improved by about 15 percent on the day before yesterday. Dollar transactions amounted to less than 900 liras.
Sources in the market confirmed that the sell-offs dominate the trading, which enhanced the value of the lira, pointing out that the reduction of losses led the market to the level of 800 pounds to the dollar.
According to the information circulated, the market was waiting for any shock until the sale starts, after the exchange rate exceeded 950 pounds to the dollar, and as quickly as it rose three days ago, the dollar returned and fell the day before yesterday, the corruption corrupted the market, and increased sales to reduce the loss, and there are conversations From a meeting three days ago at the Central Bank, the owners of exchange companies gathered.
Experts in financial markets and familiar with the developments of the exchange market assured Al-Watan that the unprecedented levels reached by the exchange rate three days ago were never expected, and the main driver was speculative operations and intimidation of prices in the market in order to push them to the point of achieving the greatest possible gains.
Experts pointed out that there are objective factors justifying the appreciation of the exchange rate, especially what is happening in Lebanon, and specifically for monetary and banking procedures, but the level above 950 pounds and sometimes 1,000 pounds to the dollar, was not logical at all, and actually lasted only a few hours when the market closed three times ago Days, the market is likely to see a lull soon.
Many Aleppo traders anticipated the rise of the dollar and priced their goods on the basis of reaching the 1,000-lira barrier before being let down and embarrassed by its data on the trip over the past two days towards the 800-lira threshold, 150 lira difference from its closing on the black market on Monday.
Traders in Aleppo attributed to «Al Watan» the pricing of their materials and commodities on the basis of the price of a thousand pounds to the dollar to the floundering exchange rate and instability, adding: «The material we sell today at a certain price we can not import at the same price tomorrow because of the current situation in Lebanon, our only import route» .
Others felt that the adoption of a uniform pricing with the continued rise of dollar shares is very difficult so they have to anticipate the exchange rate so that we can supply our goods to wholesalers and retailers.
Some felt that stopping the sale of imported goods is the best way to calculate profit and loss as in the case of electrical materials, computers and mobile phones instead of imposing a price that exceeds the popular exchange rate. Unable to rein in the manipulators of the citizens’ livelihoods, ”one said.
Waiting for the exchange rate situation and the lira to recover some of its losses in the parallel market, the food market is in a state of anticipation that has forced consumers to refrain from buying any goods and materials whose price has been irrationally flew.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

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