The delegation of the Greek Businessmen Association visited the Damascus Chamber of Commerce yesterday to discuss ways of enhancing trade relations between the two countries, as the President of the Association Ianos Mandrinos expressed his desire to develop economic relations between Syria and Greece, indicating that this visit came to implement the memorandum of understanding signed with the Syrian side a year and a half ago Sunnis, to work with Syrian brothers, to learn how to develop and improve relations.
He added: «Through the work and implementation of agreements we will try to cooperate with industrialists and traders to develop economic relations between the two countries», saying that the development of relations will be reflected positively to find solutions to economic problems.
He continued by saying: We will discuss with the President of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce relations between the two countries to be clear then the picture as it should.
For his part, President of Damascus Chamber of Commerce Ghassan Al-Qalaa revealed a study on the Syrian-Greek economic relations and the agreements signed between the two countries and the trade movement between them, adding: «The proposals presented in the memorandum are very acceptable, especially the establishment of a sea line linking Syria with Greece and proceed to the rest of the world. .
Mandrinus described the maritime line as important, as the government proposed it with the Greek naval minister, indicating that the Tartus-Paulus line has stopped and must be developed and put into action again.
Here among the castles that these desires are appreciated Damascus trade so as to develop economic relations and bypass economic sanctions, Mandrinos stressed the importance of working to overcome the sanctions, and that it is of the interest to establish an office in Athens and Damascus for this.
For his part, the Greek Chamber of Commerce member Yani pointed out that the development of maritime relations is not easy, but the will is on both sides, indicating that we must find a way to become all what is put forward and translated on the ground, describing this step of the task because of the lack of diplomatic relations Between the two countries.
He proposed the establishment of an office to promote Syrian industries in Greece, which would help exporters and importers in Greece and contribute to the import and export between the two countries.
For his part, member of the Board of Directors of Damascus Chamber of Commerce Abu Al-Huda Al-Lahham that opportunities are very open for exchange, the potential is great and economic activities are multiple.
For his part, the member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber, Wael El-ho hoped to re-activate air transport and aviation between the two countries.
Sonia Khanji, a member of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, expressed her hope for the ability to implement the projects that have been put forward, especially in the field of tourism, as it is possible that the delegations could form naval visits to Syria, adding: «We hope that anyone visiting Syria to seek even a word Or an article to remove obstacles in order to restore the work to normal ».

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Greek businessmen delegation in «Damascus Trade» … Castles: Proposal to establish a maritime line linking Syria with Greece .. Mandrinos: Cooperation with industrialists and traders to develop economic relations

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