According to Russian press reports, the head of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan, needs to war on the areas of control of Kurdish militias in northern Syria to fill the army so as not to turn against it, and saw that this system extorted America with the lives of its military personnel in that region.
The newspaper «Korier» Russian military industry, published an article entitled «Turkey is a scenario Ukraine», in which she talked about Erdogan’s occupation of the army for fear of turning against him, and the maturity of the conditions of a serious crisis in Turkey, according to «Russia Today» website.
The newspaper noted that Erdogan’s announcement of a new military operation in the Kurdish-controlled area east of the Euphrates in northern Syria, added: «It seems as if the (Turkish) state in its crisis without a large-scale war, but Erdogan played.
She pointed out that the Turkish president «needs the war itself, and not to victory, the political situation in the country is unstable, and the circumstances objectively turn against him, the March elections clearly showed that the opposition is gaining strength».
“But Erdogan is a stunning tactical politician who knows what he is doing,” she said. “After the purges, there is no equilibrium in the armed forces. All of its remaining leadership belongs to one party, so it is necessary to occupy the army all the time. And here the war is well suited, especially as it distracts attention from the situation in Idlib. Erdogan is there in a downward spiral: not enough military power to win, and the commitments to resolving the conflict he has made to the whole world, should be fulfilled. ”
“Erdogan’s future steps are very difficult to predict,” the paper said. Satisfied with the situation… it could be removed from the leadership position within the party, and could be done by the resentful military ».
She added: «The likelihood of a change of power in Turkey, such as the Ukrainian field is more realistic, there are indications that Europe is already considering the overthrow of Erdogan, the way to oust Bianukovich (President of Ukraine between 2010-2014)» Especially since the current conditions in Turkey are similar to In many ways what Ukraine was five years ago. ”
In a related context, the newspaper «Nizavissimaya Gazeta» Russian article entitled «Turkey extorted the United States with the lives of US military», which talked about the determination of Erdogan to attack areas controlled by Kurdish militants in Syria despite the presence of US troops there, according to «Russia today».
“The United States is trying to prevent a possible Turkish attack on northeastern Syria, where there are US military personnel,” the article said.
“If we go back to previous attempts by Turkey and the United States to agree on a border buffer zone in northern Syria, we can see that Turkey’s threats of a military operation are always on the rise,” Timur Akhmetov, an expert on the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs, was quoted as saying. “When diplomatic negotiations reach a dead end.”
He added: «It is clear that Turkey is not ready for a military confrontation with the United States in northern Syria, and not any possible Turkish operation to avoid this, it follows that the statements of the Turkish leadership on the process aims to stimulate diplomatic negotiations, and strengthen its negotiating positions on the status of the territory of the north Syrian”.

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«Gazeta» felt that Turkey extort America life of its military in Syria … «Courier» Russian: Erdogan needs war to fill the army in order not to turn against him

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