I admit that I am not an amateur of poetry, not writing, memorization, or even reading, but there are only two exceptions that make me from time to time enter the houses of poetry from its doors to dive into the seas of Asani, I enjoy the food of the soul, Nizar Qabbani in the modern era, and Hassan ibn Hanee the poet Abbasi It was called Abu Nawas.
Perhaps we can almost certainly assert that Abu Nawas is one of the most misled media figures in our ancient and modern history, even if he had grandchildren living to this day to win millions by filing defamation cases against their grandfather without resorting to even the law of cybercrime. The ignorant »defines him as a poet« fun and Majoon », and when those who think that God did not guide others is the poet« heresy and debauchery », even his nickname« Nawas »there are linked to the likeness of women and homosexuality because there are two braids in his hair.
There is no doubt that Abu Nawas paid the price of his genius accusations and lies, especially after he was told about the stormy relationship that existed between him and the Abbasid prince Harun al-Rashid, the latter was gathering all his literary powers and arsenal of conventional and non-conventional weapons at the time to embarrass Abu Nawas But he was failing.
These accusations are not only reflected in the image of the man in the minds of readers and scholars, but unfortunately ignored the genius of this man and turned him into a human being abnormal, but you will in fact discover very carefully when you read his poetry that you are in front of a pariah because he is a genius, marginalized because he tells the facts, and whatever you read him Whatever the degree of your love of poetry, and whatever time you live will stand full at home months, and perhaps many these days convey these verses and do not know it to Abu Nawas, where he says in praise of the wine, and specifically those who ask him to stop it:
Let blame you, blame temptation and Downey which was the disease
So he arrives in the poem to say:
And say to those who claim in science philosophy memorized something and absent things from you
We will not scrutinize much the historical fallacy of this kind of poetry, ie the question of what kind of “winery” Abu Nawas speaks, is it the winery of Ibn al-Farid Sufi?
At the same time, to clarify the hypothesis that man is in constant need of knowledge because no human has reached perfection in science is not the first goal of these two houses, there is a deeper goal is simply embodied by the poet the word «memorized» and not «understood»!
There is a big difference in this life between memorizing and understanding, between becoming a parrot repeating phrases, sentences, conversations and sayings and understanding and analyzing these conversations and employing them in their proper place.
Conservation does not make you a human being advanced in this life, only understanding is embodied the possibility of networking your cognitive and cultural stock, to turn from the owner of a frozen mind and handcuffed to save the owner of an open mind with what he wants to understand.
In conclusion: I love Abu Nawas and adore his depth and rebellion, specifically when this depth or this rebellion is based on knowledge and not on the allegations of these approaches seem to “fit” everywhere and time, how many of the bad use of terms seeming resonant, but in fact abusive in its content as a conservation act , Saves, memorization, and how many of the plaintiff memorized thought himself plaintiff of knowledge and knowledge and conceptual, but even .. Abu conceptual.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

From Abu Nawas to Abu conceptual!

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