In a sign of the rejection of Kurdish militias in the east of the country to reconcile with the Syrian state, opposition websites said yesterday that gunmen from the Democratic Union Party Ba Ya Da arrested a national reconciliation official, pharmacist Saddam al-Kirt from the center of the city of Qamishli in the province of Hasaka.
The sites quoted a media activist as saying: The gunmen of the «Ba Ya Da» arrested the kirt after raiding the place of his work on the Corniche Street in the center of the city of Qamishli.
The forces of the so-called «Asayish» of the so-called «self-management» Kurdish arrested the President of the Agricultural Association of the Syrian government, Jamal Mohammed Muhammed in the city of Ras al-Ain, on Sunday, and the arrest at the checkpoint between the cities of Darbasiya and Ras Al-Ain north of Hasaka, Farmers to market their crops to Syrian state centers!
The People’s Protection Army militia is the armed wing of the Democratic Union Party, which at the same time forms the backbone of Qusd.
These developments are part of a continuation of the series of fires that have claimed huge amounts of agricultural land in the Qamishli countryside, which is controlled by the Kessid militia, reaching 40 kilometers, according to opposition media sources.
On the other hand, opposition media sources reported that clashes took place in the village of Abu al-Naitel in the northern suburb of Deir al-Zour, among the villagers of the Bufriou clan on the one hand, and armed men from the Bujamil clan, The tribe of Al – Akidat.
The sources pointed out that the members of the Boujamil clan launched since yesterday, an attack on the village of Abu al-Naitel with machine-gun and mortar, as a result of accusing the people of the region to kill a gunman from «Qsd» in the desert village days ago.
The sources confirmed that dozens of gunmen from the Bujamil clan from the town of al-Shuhail arrived at Abu al-Naitel to participate in the fighting there, where a young man from the Bufriou clan was killed and others were wounded during the clashes, amid the displacement of the families to the Badia and other villages, while Qusd did not react In view of the ongoing fighting within areas under its control, in a clear indication of its fabrication of this fighting.
Later, opposition media websites revealed that the forces led by the Washington-based “International Alliance” and supporters of Qusd intervened to break the tribal fighting in the village of Abu al-Nitel by flying its warplanes over the area.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Fire continues to swallow the land of farmers in Hasakah and Kurdish move to prevent the marketing of wheat to the state … «Ba Ya Da» arrest official «national reconciliation» in Qamishli

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