In that raging tone, French writer and philosopher Bernard Henri Levy asked, “So where does the Middle East go, Mr. President?”
He was appalled by the words of US President Donald Trump about the withdrawal from the region, after he expressed his delight that the game of domino is in full swing, that the Arab continent to become a wreck, one letter talked about the “death of the other history”, and played the role of the philosopher theorist of the Jewish institution that It raises “questions of concern” about Israel’s security.
Finally, note that Donald Trump, an “emperor without cause,” is supposed to be his case. He had written about the empire, which was suffering from a catastrophic shortage in history, until the puritans came and filled the place with biblical ideology. Frightenedly, fearful of the wind blowing the sacred equation, afraid and angry, because Syria did not fall into the American basket, it is the one who used the term “baskets of hell” when he followed with satisfaction the emergence of these crazy, programmed ideologies as tribes. Gog and Magog.
Shaken by the recent words of President Bashar al-Assad, a university professor who met him periodically told us that he did not imagine that the Syrian president appears on the screen after all these years, and after all these billions, and after all those scenarios, speaking in a loud tone, confident of the future of his country.
He asked whether he wanted to lead the region as an issue, having fought these horrors and after the military establishment had extraordinary operational experience.
The ideas of Levy, who was, and still is, his big obsession, have long crossed the minds of AIPAC stars in the United States, those who even planned with the devil, beyond Syria, now seem to have broken their fingers. Damascus did not fall to fall the entire area between the stones of the Temple.
Thomas Friedman, a prominent American journalist who has long been seduced with his ideas by some Arab rulers, now admits that the end of the century deal was the end of the last dream of Tel Aviv leading the hybrid orchestra. “Bashar al-Assad did it,” he said, flawed that some screens and some Arabic newspapers speak as if they are still in the first square, the rusty heads of hate culture, rhinoceros culture, and even turtle culture, not yet noticed. Flooding from fire, the alternative to Syria is the apocalypse in other countries of the region.
Americans and Europeans are calling for a return to realism, all of whom, in light of the military, financial and media armadas, considered that the banners of the centuries ago, ask the Ottoman sultan who colluded with everyone, just around the corner from the banks of Barada. However, the style of the Arabs, whose faces were shattered, are not ready for the language of reason, and the game of mind, as if the hands of hell do not knock on their doors, and days have shown that marble statues are but statues of straw.
Those who do not read what is written on both sides of the Atlantic, all scenarios have collapsed, at least some modification of vision, where the lack of vision and vision, it is necessary to rebuild Syria, this is inevitable, even if Bernard Henry Levy said, putting a bouquet of flowers on the shrine The State of the Zionist entity Theodore Herzl «Do not you and the return of the Syrian geopolitics»! How enraged by President Assad’s self-confident tone, confident that Syria, Syria’s cause, led and led the case at any time.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Fingers that crashed – Al Watan newspaper

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