The Syrian Army advanced to take control of new villages in the southeastern countryside of Idlib, after it reinforced its deployment in the villages that it recently recaptured from terrorists, and secured them and their entire surroundings to prevent terrorists from infiltrating them again, while other units pounded their positions in the northwestern Hama countryside and Idlib Southern, Eastern and Western support the warplanes, which caused great losses.
A field source told Al-Watan that army units reinforced their deployment in the villages of Rasm al-Ward, Stables and Surooj in the eastern countryside of Idlib, its security and the surrounding area, after it liberated it from the grip of the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra and its allies after the operations of fleeing during the past few days and in clashes. Fierce with terrorists, many of whom were killed and lost large quantities of materiel.
The source said that the army fought violent clashes with terrorists who raise badges «victory» on the axis of the village of Umm al-Tineh in the countryside of Idlib, southeast, and advanced to take control of new villages axes of the countryside Idlib.
At the time of preparing this article, the map of the field situation has not changed, according to the source, who confirmed that the units are moving towards realizing their military plan in Idlib countryside and sweeping the terrorist groups out of their way.
The source pointed out that the army units operating in the north-western Hama countryside pounded heavy artillery locations and fortifications for terrorists in the villages of Sarmaniya and Dweir al-Kurds in the western countryside of Hama, investigating directly, in response to their rocket attacks on the night on the village of the pavement in the forest, injuring a citizen Many houses were severely damaged.
Military units operating in Idlib countryside also punched locations of Al-Nusra and its allies in Sahhal, Al-Tineh, Al-Burj and Al-Bressa in the eastern Idlib countryside, and in Haysh, Ma’rat Harmah and Kafarsjina in its southern countryside, while Syrian and Russian warplanes raided the locations of the terrorists and their positions in Haas, Maar Zeita, Kafr Nabl and Hayish. Al-Ghassaniyah, Sheikh Sindian, Al-Kinda, Marand, Kufrdin, Al-Khirbat, Ihsam and Hazarin in the western, southern and southeastern Idlib countryside, completely destroyed.
For its part, SANA reported that the terrorist groups attacked a rocket-propelled grenade on the town of al-Wadhihi in the southern countryside of Aleppo province, which resulted in the death of a child and the injury of his mother and two brothers and material damage in their home, pointing out that the wounded were taken to the university hospital to provide medical aid and treatment Necessary for them.
On the other hand, a group of wanted outlaws to storm the center of Salhab and the assassination of its director, Captain Muhannad Ali Wassouf, according to the website «Russia Today».
On the other hand, opposition websites reported that the so-called “Afrin Liberation Forces” carried out a “qualitative” operation in the village of Abla in Al-Bab area against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, targeting mercenaries headquarters, killing five of them and injuring others.
To the north-east of the country, where the Russian Ministry of Defense announced in a statement, according to the website «Al-Manar», the start of the 13th Russian patrol of Russian military police in the border area, located tens of kilometers east of Ain Arab on the Syrian-Turkish border, in partnership with Turkish occupation army.
The joint patrol is carried out using Tigger armored vehicles, PTR 80 armored personnel carriers of the Russian military police and Kirby armored vehicles of the Turkish border guards.
Despite the patrols, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continued to bombard several SDF-SDF positions in the village of Zor Maghar in Jarablus district of Aleppo countryside and Al-Faris village north of Ain Issa area in Raqqa countryside, and in the village of Khor Hassan west of Tel Abyad area, according to websites. opposition.
On the other hand, the Ministry of Defense of the Turkish regime announced the death of a soldier in northern Syria, mortar shells fired by militants of the militias «PKK», while another was killed in the area of ​​the so-called «claw» in northern Iraq, after clashes with the militants of the organization.
In turn, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that unknown gunmen opened fire with machine guns on a military vehicle belonging to the SDF in the village of al-Jinah in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, causing the death of one of its gunmen. He was killed in al-Hessan village in western Deir Ezzor countryside.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Field source assured «homeland» his determination to sweep terrorists … The army strengthens its deployment in the villages of Idlib countryside and advances to control the new

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