The Council of Ministers stressed to all ministers the need to strengthen communication with the citizen with absolute transparency as it is the core of the work of ministries and state institutions and the importance of his constant knowledge of what these institutions are doing and the conditions that surround the provision of his service and living needs. Council of Ministers.
Prime Minister Emad Khamis said that the presence of President Bashar al-Assad for the weekly cabinet meeting last week gave a strong impetus to the work of the government team and is an incentive to do more to meet the requirements of the Syrian citizen, in parallel with the work to achieve comprehensive development.
Khamis pointed to the importance of the citizen’s presence and needs in the work of the ministries in accordance with well-considered frameworks in which all state institutions, including the media, are integrated and placed in the form of the challenges facing this work with complete transparency to be a partner in strengthening The steadfastness of his country.
The council asked the ministries of local administration, public works, agriculture and interior to prepare around the clock through the governors and directorates in the provinces to quell any fires that may result from the heavy herbs this year and prevent access to strategic agricultural crops. In the past 48 hours, And to work effectively to attract wheat and barley crops and provide the necessary facilities.
The Council formed a central committee to monitor the daily receipt of grain in all governorates. The ministers were requested to conduct field trips to the places of crop cultivation, to identify receiving operations and to overcome all obstacles, and to ensure the work of laboratories of quality and standards for receiving quantities.
The council also recommended preparing a study to revive the silk industry and encourage silkworm culture in the Syrian coast, in addition to encouraging the private sector to invest in production lines for this industry and providing necessary facilities, including bank loans and marketing of production.
On the other hand, the Council of Ministers discussed the draft law of the contract by mutual consent signed between the General Company of the port of Tartous and the company / s. T. Ji Ingenering / Limited Liability Company for the management and investment of Tartous Port.
He also discussed the law of granting compensation to the members of the educational body under the provisions of the Law of Organizing Universities No. 6 of 2006 on the basis of the lump-sum monthly salary on the date of work performance, considering that the current compensation is not commensurate with the living situation of the members of the educational body.
It also discussed a law exempting importers of calves for the purpose of fattening and slaughtering of customs duties and other duties and taxes for a period of two years in order to secure the needs of the local market of red meat at low prices and restore the local herd of cattle.
The Council decided to speed up the implementation of the infrastructure to expand the industrial and professional area in Hama and announce the subscription to medium industrial exchanges within a week, and allow all industrialists wishing to subscribe directly.
In a statement to reporters, the Minister of Local Administration and Environment Hussein Makhlouf informed the Council of Ministers on the readiness of fire brigades and measures taken, especially that the past few days have seen a lot of fires due to the spread of dry grass.
In turn, explained the Minister of Higher Education Bassam Ibrahim that the draft law to grant compensation to members of the educational body comes in accordance with the law on the organization of universities and full-time, stressing that the draft law to grant compensation improves the status of monthly salaries for members of the educational and teaching staff and technical addition to the recruits.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Extinguish 175 fires in 48 hours … The government recommends the strengthening of communication with citizens transparently … Law to raise the living compensation of university professors

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