Confirming his non-compliance with the «Sochi Memorandum», clashes continued with the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from terrorist organizations in the north-east of the country, while the Turkish occupation army continued to attack several villages in Tal Tamr countryside in Hasaka countryside, and opened fire on protesters against his patrols With the Russian police resulting in the death and injury of 9 people.
According to the agency «SANA», that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries targeted with heavy weapons villages Qasimia and Rashidiya and Rihaniya and Aziziyah countryside Tall Tamr northeast of Hasaka countryside.
The Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries from the terrorist groups attacked with artillery and heavy machine guns on the villages of Rihaniya, Aziziyah and Qasimia in the countryside of Tal pass about 40 km northwest of the city of Hassakeh in parallel with the looting of public and private property, where they stole the electrical transformers in the villages of Ahras and forty and forty and divided and gypsy and Alnqra in Ras Al Ain countryside The terrorists also looted pharmacies and shops in the villages of Managir and Ameriya.
The units of the Syrian Arab Army fought the day before yesterday violent clashes with the Turkish occupation forces and mercenaries from the terrorist organizations in the countryside of Tal Tamr, about 40 km northwest of the city of Hasaka.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, in turn, talked about the escalation of clashes on the axes between Tal Tamr and Abu Rasin between the terrorist groups loyal to the Turkish occupation by, and the militants of the so-called «Syrian Military Council» and «Assyrian Military Council» militia « SDF-SDF »from another party.
The Observatory pointed out that the clashes are concentrated in the axis of Mahmudiya, Rihaniya and other axes in the region, pointing to the flying of drones belonging to the Turkish occupation there, pointing out the great losses of both sides.
He said that the terrorist groups with the support of land and air from the Turkish occupation army, has been able to control the area of ​​Al-Manakhel, which is about 4 km from the town of Tel Tamr, and thus became on the outskirts of the northern Tel Tamr.
For its part, said the website «Russia Today», that the people of the village of Alishar near the city of Ain Arab Arabs threw stones at the vehicles of the Turkish occupation army in the fifth Turkish-Russian joint patrol as they entered the village, «causing casualties,» stressing that The Turkish occupation army responded to the protests of the people by firing tear gas and tear gas in the village of Kurbinkar southeast of the city of Ain al-Arab.
In turn, «Observatory» that the protests led to the «killing and wounding 9 people because they were targeted by live bullets by elements of the Turkish occupation army patrol, which is touring with a Russian military patrol in the countryside, which is the fifth joint patrol after the Russian-Turkish agreement», after it ended Russia and the Turkish occupation army the fourth joint patrol the day before yesterday.
The Russian military police began their joint patrol with the Turkish occupation in the Syrian regions on the border with Turkey on Friday before the implementation of the second phase of the memorandum of understanding between Russia and the Turkish regime on 22nd last month in the Russian city of Sochi, which did not comply with the Rajab regime Ok Erdogan.
On the other hand, «Observatory» talked about the entry of a military convoy belonging to the alleged “international coalition” led by the United States, consisting of dozens of mechanisms within the reinforcements of military and logistics, armored vehicles and trucks, was seen in the city of Qamishli and then headed west.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Erdogan army and its mercenaries continue to attack with heavy weapons on the villages of Tal Tamr countryside … Killing and wounding 9 protesters from the residents shot by a Turkish patrol

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