Damascus has expressed its readiness to normalize its relations with Turkey if it is committed to implementing the “foundations of international relations” based on its recognition of the independence and unity of Syria, the withdrawal of its forces from Syrian territory and the cessation of the training and arming of terrorist groups in exchange for Syria’s readiness to ensure the security of the Syrian- Adana, note that Turkey today is no longer the same in 2010, because of its policies, and its support for the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.
Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem. In an interview yesterday with Al-Mayadin, he stressed that the political path followed in Idlib did not fall but was not implemented by Turkey. He recalled that Idlib is the province of Syria and what the army is doing. Within the Syrian territory, and Syria did not count on anyone, and did not try to have ambitions to others, noting that Syria has the right to liberate its land, and this is a legitimate right to it, expressing the hope that the military operations taking place today in Idlib, This region, because the concept of occupation in this age is over.
Al-Moallem reiterated that Syria is not seeking a military confrontation with Turkey, but this is different from fighting organizations that are already included in the United Nations lists as terrorist organizations.
The foreign minister pointed out that the targeting of the Turkish military sites was not deliberate, but in wars these things happen, especially since we know that Turkey is supplying the terrorist factions with various weapons and financing, stressing that Turkey has complied with the Sochi Agreement, Carried out, even if carried out to save a lot of blood.
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants referred to «the foundations of international relations, through which and if implemented, will lead to the normalization of Syrian-Turkish relations, indicating that these bases are based on Turkey’s recognition of the independence and territorial integrity of Syria, and withdraw its forces from Syrian territory, As the tests proved that terrorism is returning to its supporters, in return for Syria’s willingness to ensure the security of the Syrian-Turkish border, as was the case with the Adana agreement.
He warned of any Turkish move aimed at occupying Syrian areas, stressing that such a step would not be in the interest of Turkey, noting that Turkey is no longer Turkey in 2010 and is no longer acceptable in the Arab world. Arabic, a terrorist organization.
On his visit to China, Al-Muallem pointed out that China is a member of the Security Council and wants to play a constructive role for peace and stability in the region. In return, President Bashar Assad directed that Syria focus its foreign relations on the east.
Al-Muallem noted that during his visit to China, he touched upon a positive spirit and determination of Chinese officials to strengthen economic relations and to make Syria as it was in history, the starting point of the Silk Road.
The teacher, who pointed to the presence of thousands of terrorists from the factions of the “Uighur Turkistan Party” in the north of Syria, stressed that there will be no Chinese military involvement to fight this organization in Syria, pointing out that Syria told the Chinese officials «provided us with military, economic and even cultural tools, To face this organization », pointing out that what Syria is doing today will protect the world tomorrow.
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants stressed that the political process continues, starting from the fact that the constitution is a Syrian affair, which concerns the Syrians and must meet their ambitions. If there is disagreement on some names and some procedures, this does not mean that the political process has stopped, And will travel between several capitals, most recently in New York before the end of this month.
Al-Moallem accused the Lebanese government of failing to coordinate with the Syrian government on the issue of the “displaced” and not the other way around, stressing Syria’s openness to cooperate with the Lebanese side, which is practicing a genuine policy on the issue of the displaced.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Demanded that it withdraw its forces from Syria, otherwise there is no difference between them and Israel … Teacher: What Syria is doing today will protect the world tomorrow

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