Do not wait for Donald Trump to be less mad in the remainder of his first term. Look at his teeth hanging in the walls of the White House. Those around him, some of them like ghosts, plan to cross into the second state, even through the paths that lead to Hell …
In Washington, talk about the possibility of a clash between him and the generals who told him the need to remove John Bolton from his ears. There is a genuine fear that any problem will explode to blow up the war in the Middle East.
This is the price the Jewish lobby wants, and it has tightened control over “all the sensitive areas in the head of Donald Trump,” an Arab ambassador in Washington tells us. For the first time, such a question arises: Do things reach the point of a military coup in America?
The man who ordered a military parade, the first in the history of the empire, was unable to tame the generals. James Matisse thought that this would allow him to grasp the keys to power in the Pentagon before he could see that the planners at home considered that the great arena of conflict in the Far East, on the Pacific, was not in the Middle East, on the banks of the Gulf.
Dennis Ross, with the long and intense experience of the terrain, admits that the evolution of the situation in Syria, as it has been known, has led to the dismantling of the “creative scenarios that form the deal of the century”.
No one in the Jewish lobby expected things to go this way, and after all the brains, all the billions, all the weapons, all the mercenaries, and all the strategies had been used to attack Damascus. If the files were opened one day, scandals about the arrival of Arab collusion with the American side would spill over to the shameful borders.
All were burned on Syrian soil. “Haaretz” considered that Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies toward Syria turned into bubbles. The Merkava convoys, with Arab flags, have long been ready to head for the Umayyad capital.
Was Olivier Roa exaggerating when he saw that operational and logistical preparations could have brought down a city like Washington? All those Armada did not fall to Damascus, which restored its splendor, dynamism, and role.
This does not mean that those who do not retreat militarily will not resort to alternative means. There is the economic aspect, and there are the regional players who are still betting on a foothold, even if it is a foothold for a fly.
Those who do not know how Bashar Assad thinks, what Bashar al-Assad’s decision is, and how he faced Bashar al-Assad under circumstances that former Secretary of State James Baker said resembled the circumstances of World War III.
As they do not know from the Syrian president, do not know also from the Syrians. Away from those who have fallen into temptation, and away from those who have accumulated, like garbage bags, on the sidewalks of Istanbul or on the sidewalks of Riyadh, there are Syrians who understand the meaning of the land, the meaning of history, and the meaning of violence.
At this particular time, as the attempts to play with the loaf, we chant with Ho Chi Minh, “Great peoples are turning the air’s moons into an earthquake.”
This is what the Syrians are doing now. The most determined to circumvent their leadership, the historical leadership, just as the military blockade was broken, the economic siege must be broken under your feet, you wonderful Syrians … !!

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Dear Syrians – Al Watan Newspaper

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