In a British response to the repeated Iranian warnings of the repercussions of the continued detention of the Iranian tanker in the Strait of Gibraltar, and in the first indication of the imminent release of the Iranian oil tanker, said British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt: He told his Iranian counterpart Mohammed Jawad Zarif, Britain will facilitate the release of The Iranian oil tanker detained «Grace 1», if obtained assurances that it will not go to Syria, as he put it.
The British minister said in a tweet on Twitter: He assured his Iranian counterpart that what matters to London is the destination of the oil tanker «Grace 1», not the origin of the oil that it carries, and that Zarif told him Tehran’s desire to resolve the issue of the carrier, and that it does not seek to escalate the situation .
Gibraltar police have decided to release a captain and three other crew members of the Iranian oil tanker, who was detained last week.
The police confirmed that no charges had been brought against the four crew members of the carrier «Grace 1», noting that the release was conditional bailout, and indicated that the investigation is still underway, and that the Iranian carrier is still detained, and confiscated documents and electronic devices from the tanker.
On the other hand, the Iranian ambassador in Britain, Hamid Baidi Nejad, that “if the release of the tanker and its cargo will not remain London action without a response.”
The Iranian oil tanker is expected to be released soon, especially with earlier Iranian media reports as well as Iranian official statements that Iran’s oil tanker was not destined for Syria.
This comes at a time when the Iranian Foreign Minister went to New York to participate in the annual meeting of senior officials of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.
On the other hand, the US House of Representatives voted on an item attached to the defense budget, prohibiting US President Donald Trump from launching a war on Iran without congressional approval.
According to the website «fields», 251 members of the Council voted in favor of the ban against 170 against him.
Congress also voted on another clause, which prohibits the administration from using the mandate granted in 2001 and 2002, to launch military operations abroad.
Former Vice President Joe Biden, sharply criticized Trump’s performance on the world stage, saying that the latter “damaged the reputation of the United States and its position in the world,” criticizing his withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran.
Washington has said in a statement to the Council of the Atomic Energy Agency that it is “even ready for the possibility of full normalization of relations with Iran, and is still ready for talks without preconditions,” and considered that the expansion of Iran’s nuclear program is “an attempt to blackmail the international community for money” !

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Congress prohibits Trump from launching military operations abroad without his consent … London: We will facilitate the release of the Iranian oil tanker and do not seek escalation

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