Moscow and Damascus confirmed yesterday that the US occupation continues to obstruct the unprecedented steps taken by the Syrian government to solve the problem of “Al-Rikban camp”. The terrorists allied with the occupation continued to forcibly detain their residents and force them to pay large sums of money in return for allowing them to leave.
In a joint statement issued by the Russian and Syrian coordinating bodies on the return of refugees, according to the website of Russia Today, the Americans said that the Americans, through their “unconstructive” practices, continue to block unprecedented steps taken by the Syrian government to solve the problem of the camp and evacuate its inhabitants. The suffering of Syrians forcibly detained in the 55-kilometer zone in the US-controlled al-Tanf.
The statement pointed out that the Syrian authorities, in cooperation with Russia, opened since 19 February a humane and expressway for the returnees from the knees, provided guarantees for the safety of the returnees and facilitate the recovery of the identification documents and the settlement of their situation, in line with the desire of the majority of inhabitants of «Rikban», With the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.
The statement pointed out that all the necessary conditions for the reception and accommodation of displaced persons in various Syrian regions have been created through the provision of housing, food, medical and educational services. The statement pointed out that after the Syrian authorities sent six convoys of buses to evacuate the displaced, US forces refused to Tunf ensure the safety of the passage of convoys, which thwarted the humanitarian operation.
The statement called on Washington to leave the populist slogans aside and embark on the practical steps of freeing the inhabitants of Al-Rikban and guaranteeing their right to free passage (without payment) to their homes and ensuring the safety of humanitarian convoys.
The statement urged the United Nations and other international organizations to break their silence and take a clear stand to ease the suffering of displaced Syrians.
According to the statement, according to the agency «Sputnik» Russian that the American questions delivered to the Russian side, which claims (Washington) that it is unanswered a purely provocative, and aims to confuse the international community and questioning the actions taken by Russia and Syria to reach a settlement of the issue «Rkban» .
The statement pointed out that the Syrian government had given unambiguous answers to most of these questions.
For its part, private sources told Al-Watan that the armed terrorist organizations, led by the so-called “commandos of the revolution”, which controls the “Rikban” and operates under the command, direction and leadership of America, prevent those trapped inside the camp from going to their areas and villages and detain them by force at gunpoint. Forcing them to pay large sums of money to the US dollar in exchange for allowing them to leave the camp.
The sources added: The armed gangs active in the Al-Tanf area and behind the US forces are working to thwart any attempts to get displaced people trapped inside the camp under pretexts and causes of the fact that nothing is true, and is working to thwart the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the beneficiaries of civilians trapped in the camp and monopolize food and supply As well as the need to maintain their presence inside the camp and not to leave the area to justify their presence and the presence of US forces occupied in the Of.
The sources pointed out that the humanitarian situation of the trapped inside the camp began to deteriorate again in light of the monopoly of terrorists, led by the “commandos of the revolution” for all resources and resources to live on the one hand and work diligently to thwart the introduction of humanitarian aid and any signs of solution on the other hand.
From Kuwait, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, “It turned out that the US military (in the Al-Tanf region) is supplying supplies from abroad, from Iraq or Jordan,” Sputnik said.
“If America is very concerned about civilians living in a very difficult situation in al-Rikban camp, it is also likely that they can provide the refugees there with all they need, not through gangsters who control the al-Tanf area.”
“The Americans need this refugee camp to continue to justify their illegal military presence there,” Lavrov said.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Called on international organizations to break their silence .. And «commandos of the revolution» forcing the willing to get out of the payment of large sums … Damascus and Moscow: unprecedented American steps to block the solution of the problem «Rugban»

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