The Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva, Hossamuddin Ala, considered that the discussion of the human rights situation in Syria in the Security Council is an exploitation of the Council and its mechanisms in promoting geopolitical agendas that have nothing to do with human rights issues or the principles of justice and humanity. The latest on human rights in Syria was full of fallacies.
“In the context of this politicized climate, we are not surprised by the ICRC’s involvement in marketing the accusations to the Syrian Arab Army, and in the campaign to discourage displaced people outside Syria from returning,” said Ala. And questioning the rule of law and the application of Syrian laws, and the institutions of the state, which was undermined by the target of terrorist groups and the countries operating them ».
The statement came at a time when Russia’s permanent representative to the UN headquarters in Geneva, Gennady Gatilov, said that during a conference of so-called “donor countries” in Brussels, Moscow would call for the lifting of unilateral sanctions on Damascus, which hinder the reconstruction of the country.
He pointed out that the representatives of the Syrian government have not been invited, adding: «How can solve problems related to the reconstruction of Syria in the absence of one of the focal points concerned»? He said: Moscow will draw the attention of participants to this unfortunate reality.
The third session of the Brussels Conference to Support the Future of Syria and the Region, organized by the European Union in cooperation with the United Nations, was launched yesterday in the Belgian capital, according to the Italian news agency Aki.
The three-day conference, whose organizers, one of the countries that led and supported the war against Syria and continues to impose sanctions on the Syrian people, claims its aim is to raise additional international funds to continue to provide humanitarian, relief and development assistance to the Syrians.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Brussels conference begins and Moscow: We will call for lifting unilateral sanctions on Syria … The ICRC’s involvement in the non-return of the displaced is not surprising

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