Prime Minister Emad Khamis that the campaign against smuggling continues from the border crossings to the smallest shop and will not stop until the markets are empty of smugglers, revealing that there is a breakthrough soon in the bottlenecks that occurred in the file of insurance of oil derivatives.
During a meeting to discuss the concerns and issues of the Board of Directors of Damascus Chamber of Industry and Rural Development, and in the presence of the President of Federation of Chambers of Industry Fares Al Shihabi assured the Khamis industrialists that a study will soon be issued to develop the industrial area of ​​Qaboun.
He pointed out that there is a series of measures initiated by the government team in the field of economic policies that deal with sanctions, which create alternatives to previous procedures in place. He stressed the need to intensify the contacts of those concerned in Damascus Chamber of Industry and its countryside with the industrialists during the coming period to encourage them to expand their industries and invest their money In new quality industries and transfer their problems to the government team to develop qualitative solutions.
During the meeting, the Ministries of Oil, Economy and Foreign Trade were tasked with developing a new executive mechanism that would make it easier for industrialists to import the necessary fuel for their industry.
It also decided to set up a working group of the ministers of economy, finance, transport, industry and customs directorate to study the possibility of canceling the additional fees imposed on containers and the establishment of dry harbors complementary to seaports, in addition to studying the possibility of establishing an independent private industrial financing fund that provides material support to industrialists who are willing to pay for a certain partnership in industrial facilities. The list of registered industrialists was confirmed and sent to the Syrian embassies to provide facilities for the renewal of their visas.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Breakout bottlenecks in oil derivatives soon … Thu: Anti-smuggling continues from border crossings to even smaller shop

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