Many discussion workshops and studies have asked one question .. Which is the first democracy or bread ?!
The questions varied but their content goes back to the fundamental question of who comes first, democracy or bread?
Who asked those who preceded? Political reform or economic reform ..?
Or who cares more for the citizen to live in a living or in a democratic love!
As the questions have been asked, there are many answers. Perhaps this old question is still on its head and may have increased in times when the slogans of democracy were used to turn many countries into chaos farms and fields of fire!
But the question has become in the fields of fire is different .. Is it true to talk about democracy in the house, which caught fire and is still surrounded by a lot of fire increases the fire and the more extinguished the fire set fire to others and others.
And imagine this scene and the flames devour what is around you and almost “devour you” comes opinion from here and opinion from there and another from another place and conflicting opinions and fire closer and more flaming!
We have two different opinions here too.
Some say that anyone who speaks of “democracies” in war-torn homes is “suspicious” and a fire-maker, although at best he is ignorant and in good faith, speaking at the wrong time and place.
Now is the time to extinguish fires and not talk about anything else that seems right or right.
The second view is that democracy is correcting mistakes and correcting faults and without democracy, the country will remain in error, and the problems are repeated whenever the opportunity is unchecked and without hindrance, and that countries that did not go in the path of democracy ruled themselves to stay in their problems to return and re-capture.
There is no doubt that every opinion has its example and evidence, and perhaps we will be in a vicious circle if we continue to argue in which opinions are healthier and closer to logic.
The most complex issue here is that the platform of democracy is not just a set of laws, but a culture of society, and I do not think much is different about the idea that society is less democratic than others and that customs and traditions are stronger than laws.
But the personal opinion here is that democracy like swimming can not be learned without exercise and without going down to the water, you will not learn to swim, but it is foolish to learn to swim in the ocean or at sea or even in the pool of senior Democrats.
At that time you will not eat bread only, but you become yourself the bread of sharks and its allies!

The nasty thing about democracy is that you have to hear the idiot – René Descartes.
The worst democracy in the world is better than the fairest dictator – Mohammed al-Maghout.
A society that wants democracy in politics and does not want it in thought, especially in religion, is a society that both facilitates and reduces democracy – George Tarabishi.
Love is an undemocratic passion – Mustafa Mahmoud.
When democracy is the gift of occupation, how can you learn freedom from your executioner?
Democracy is no more than a mob rule, with fifty-one percent of the people taking over forty-nine percent of others – Thomas Jefferson.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Bread and democracy! – Al-Watan Newspaper

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