Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has returned to Algeria from Geneva, where he has conducted “medical examinations,” the Algerian presidency confirmed yesterday.
Bouteflika returned to the country on Sunday afternoon after a private visit to Geneva where he conducted “periodic medical examinations,” the official APS quoted the presidency as saying in a statement.
The plane of the Algerian president landed at Bufariq military airport amid intensive security deployment in the presidential palace area of ​​Zeralda.
Several sources have reported conflicting reports about Bouteflika’s health, some of whom claimed he was in a critical condition, but the hospital administration in which the Algerian president was lying denied the reports, while the Algerian authorities insist he left the country for regular medical examinations only.
Bouteflika returned to Algeria at a time when the country has been witnessing mass protests over the last few weeks, rejecting his candidacy for a fifth term. The National Liberation Front, representing the ruling party in Algeria, warned earlier in the day of the calls for civil disobedience, calling for vigilance and caution of recklessness In the resolutions, and demanded not to give the opportunity to some of the reckless and unknown, which wants to pay Algeria and its people to the unknown.
In a statement issued yesterday, the MILF urged all political parties to work out the crisis with minimal damage.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

«Bouteflika» returns to Algeria .. The National Liberation Front warns of pushing the country to the unknown

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