On the occasion of the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the Chinese Embassy in Damascus held a reception under the auspices of the military attaché of the Embassy in Damascus, Brigadier Wang Rui Cheng.
Damascus stressed that if the Syrian Arab army did not fight the Chinese terrorists, they would return to China and commit the terrorist crimes, while Beijing confirmed its support for Syria in the fight against terrorism and stressed its refusal to penetrate its territory and its sovereignty by other countries.
“It is a great occasion to celebrate here in Damascus on the occasion of the 92nd anniversary of the Chinese army,” said Faisal al-Miqdad, the deputy minister of foreign affairs and expatriates. “Relations between us are lasting for decades. A better future for humanity. “
He added: “We in Syria defend China and the whole world. Many extremists came from the Chinese provinces to Syria and joined terrorism. Turkey helped them if the Syrian Arab army could not eliminate them. We have to fight this common enemy because it aims to destroy our two countries. “
For his part, in a special statement to «Home» Cheng thanked the Syrian Arab army and its sacrifices in the fight against terrorism.
On Beijing’s position on the illegal American military presence on Syrian territory and the Turkish occupation of parts of northern Syria, he said: “We always stand in China with the protection of the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the countries and we support Syria to regain all its territory from the hands of terrorist militants.” Calls on all countries of the world to respect the independence and sovereignty of other countries and therefore we refuse to penetrate the territory and sovereignty of any state from another country ».
In a special statement to Al-Watan on China’s willingness to engage in the reconstruction of Syria, Chinese Ambassador to Damascus Phyong Biao said: “This process is a great engineering process that has everything to do with the training of cadres. “But the most important is the economic field. We encouraged Chinese businessmen to visit Syria and see possible projects for cooperation between the two countries. We are now thinking about starting large projects soon in the infrastructure to serve the Syrian people, Syrian people ».
As for China’s participation in the next edition of the Damascus International Fair, he said: “The number of companies participating in the exhibition this year will be much larger than last year.”

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Biyao: We will start large projects in Syria .. And Cheng: We refuse to penetrate the territory and sovereignty … Meqdad to the «homeland»: If we did not fight terrorists coming from China to return and committed crimes in their country

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