Minister of Defense General Ali Abdullah Ayoub said that the Syrian state will reestablish its control over its entire geography sooner or later whether by reconciliations or by military force. The chief of staff of the Iraqi army, General Othman Al-Ghanmi, confirmed that the next few days Visits and trade between the two countries, at a time when the chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, Major General Mohammed Baqri, that «the security of the region is a matter».
“These meetings were important for all and they are very successful at all levels and levels, and what they resulted in will help us to continue to face the challenges, dangers and threats of the spread,” General Ayoub told a news conference after the meetings held with the participation of al-Ghanmi and Baqari. Takfiri terrorism and its expansion in this vital region of the world ».
He added: “We do not compromise and do not discuss our right to defend our sovereignty and we will regain control of every inch of Syrian territory. The Syrian state will reestablish its control over its entire geography sooner or later, whether by reconciliations or military force, and Idleb will never be an exception.”
“The Syrian state, as explained by President Bashar al-Assad, adopted two approaches, the first and the main. The reconciliation was successful. The other approach is to fight the terrorists who reject the reconciliations to restore security and safety to Syria’s Shubra Shubra and our valiant armed forces are ready to carry out their responsibilities. Syria is outside the control of the government ».
He stressed that any military presence of any state without an official invitation of the Syrian state is an occupation and illegal and Syria has the right to defend its national security and sovereignty. This is recognized by international laws and charters, stressing that preserving the unity of the Syrian state geographically and humanly is not negotiable. .
He said: “The will to defend the homeland and the spirit of belonging and willingness to sacrifice in its path are the most important factors of power in the Syrian Arab army and it is capable of acting and influence and America and others will come out of Syria as they came out of other regions because this presence is illegal and rejected regardless of the justification being marketed” .
He added: “The remaining card with the American forces is” cruel “and will deal with them either reconciliation or liberation of the land .. And our choice to live as Syrians with each other forever according to our will and not the will of others.
“It is not wise to be dragged into a war planned and studied by the enemy who chose the time and place according to his military strategy. It is wise to strike the terrorists with his agents at home,” said Ayoub.
“It is natural that we see Iraq, Iran and Syria together at one table to exchange views on how to deal with the development of events and their consequences and what measures are required to ensure the elimination of terrorism. We have the right to be proud that we have faced terrorism and paid taxes in fighting and eradicating it.”
“The coordination with the Iranians and the Russians is the largest and the largest evidence of results achieved in the field and meetings and many common goals,” said Ayyub.
For his part, Major General Baqri said at the press conference, according to «SANA», that security in the region is a matter of total and not partial, noting that the Syrian and Iraqi countries have asked Iran and its armed forces to stand by them and provide advisory and logistical assistance.
“We always insist on respecting the sovereignty of the Syrian territories and not to enter any country illegally,” he said. “We will remain with Syria as long as the Syrian state demands this.”
For his part, Al-Ghanmi pointed out at the conference that the security of Syria and the security of Iraq is an integral part of each other and that the coordination will continue between the two countries through the information center which was established.
He stressed that «border security is very important and is held by the Iraqi security forces and the Syrian Arab army, and will witness the next few days the opening of the border port and the continuation of visits and trade between the two countries have been formed committees of the parties», while the news agency «AFP» news that A reference to the Bu Kamal crossing.
Syria and Iraq link three currently closed crossings, namely Bu Kamal in Deir al-Zour, under the control of the Syrian Arab Army, and adjacent to the battle zone in Al-Bagouz east of Deir al-Zour, and the Yaraibi crossing in the province of Hasaka, which is controlled by the Kurdish militias, America and armed militias loyal to it.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Baghdad confirmed that the border port will be opened in days .. Tehran: the security of the region «a matter of college» … General Ayoub: the state will regain control of the whole geography sooner or later

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