President Bashar al-Assad stressed that it is the fight against terrorism that leads to a political solution in the end, and that any talk about political solutions in light of the spread of terrorism is an illusion and deception.
During his meeting with Assistant Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China Chen Xiaodong and his accompanying delegation, President al-Assad said that the war on Syria began to take on a new form based on the siege and the economic war, pointing out that the tools of international politics have changed today, Previously resolved through dialogue, have adopted a different approach, based on boycotts, withdrawal of ambassadors, economic blockade and the use of terrorism.
President al-Assad stressed that the war on terror in Syria is part of a broad war on the international scene, that terrorism can not be confined to a specific geographical area, and the distances, however distant, do not stand in the way of extremist ideology. , And even more importantly, to combat it ideologically and ideologically.
For his part, Xiaodong stressed that China considers relations with Syria a long-term strategic vision, stressing that thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian leadership and the Syrian people, the situation on the ground has begun to improve, expressing his country’s readiness to continue to stand with Syria and to provide all forms of support to strengthen this steadfastness.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Assistant Foreign Minister of China received … President Assad: The tools of international politics have changed and the war takes a new shape

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