Yes, take off the wolf’s tusks!
When Meir Dagan suggests that “our fall in Syria is like the fall of the Third Temple.” This was after Benjamin Netanyahu was exchanging champagne glasses with New York billionaire Sheldon Adelson because his tanks would be sabotaged tomorrow, or the day after, on the banks of Berdy.
Netanyahu, who turned his back on the biblical text, and the back of that type of Arabs, the Arabs of Tora Bora, who did in Syria what the Gog and Magog tribes did not do. You have read a lot about the culture of abaya and dagger.
We are supposed to get back, time and time again, and Syria is returning to its brilliance. What happened on Syrian soil is much more than anywhere else in the world. Hiroshima was rolling from city to city, from village to village, from house to house.
Now, he complains in Moscow of any storm blowing from Syria. This man, in his politics, inspired this Hebrew mythology about the God Jehovah, who was, from his cave, throwing stones at the woman.
The plan was in front of him on the table. The Merkava Festival in Damascus. No one told him that the jasmine flowers in the city turned, at one point, into a hurricane. An old Damascene said to me, “Our hills are the heights of the mountains.”
The clatter of Netanyahu, the clatter of the crow, has long been playing those Arabs stoned in the market, those opponents we said, and said that they are garbage bags on the sidewalks of Istanbul. He believes that the other Middle East is starting from Damascus. He missed time from Damascus.
Those long Shakespearean meetings. Kings and chiefs. Generals and rabbis. Diplomats come from consuls’ trousers in the 19th century, intelligence men with grave faces, and the brains of graves.
How many hours, how many days, have been made for the re-engineering of history, the reengineering of geography, even the reengineering of fate, to be Syria’s gateway to the century deal? The disaster of the century.
None of them thought that Syria would remain. The scenarios developed by the big fingers began to fade, one by one. O farce when a journalist close to Netanyahu Recep Tayyip Erdogan describes the circus player who burst into his clothes in flames!
The irrational when it goes beyond unreasonableness. All with all, and all against all. Mr Hassan Barenayh is entitled to write about the “Night of Long Daggers” in Syria. We wrote earlier, the night of broken cups.
Even Donald Trump, with the cap of Caligula, had the idea of ​​Jared Kouchner, a Trojan horse planted by the Jewish lobby in the president’s head, about the century-long deal of the Prophet of the Prophets in the Middle East.
Trump senses, on the Syrian soil, that someone is drawn to the eternal fire. From the distance, James Baker said, “Iak and Syria, will only return from there with the dead.”
Those who do not realize that the fate of the Ottoman Sultan will be the fate of Benjamin Netanyahu on Syrian soil. Play under time.
To move: It’s playing between impossible feet. That’s what happened, and that’s what happens. Crowding the barbarians. When does the last dancer realize that his feet are in the air? All in the air.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

As if the fall of the Third Temple – Al Watan newspaper

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