The reactions to President Donald Trump’s statements about his intention to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan continued.
The sons of the Golan recorded yesterday their first move after the new American positions, and organized a protest in Majdal Shams Square, where they affirmed their belonging to their mother country Syria and the return of the Golan to the Syrian national sovereignty no matter how long the occupation lasted.
The participants denounced the hostile positions of Trump and his administration, saying they lacked any moral or legal basis and violated international legitimacy.
In addition, the international reactions against and condemnation of Trump’s statements continued. Cuba, Iraq and Palestine expressed their condemnation and rejection of these statements, as condemned by the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, and considered it systematic bias and direct support to the occupying entity.
On the other hand, in a special statement to Al-Watan, Vice-President of the People’s Assembly, Necdet Anzour, considered that the United States is arrogant in disregarding the rights of the Arabs, especially the Palestinians and the Syrians, and trampling on the international resolutions that it voted on one day, Security Council 497 of 1981, as well as the International Charter, which states that the occupied territories can not be annexed by force, and the obligation of Israel to return the territories occupied in 1967 and other resolutions, all this arrogance and arrogance will be reflected on America and the Zionist enemy. He did not trust America The aggressor on our rights, and thus Washington is no longer even a problem-solving keys in the region, is very clear and is, and this will be harmful to them in front of millions of people of the region.
In his statement to Al-Watan, Anzor referred to the situation of the prime minister of the entity of the enemy Benjamin Netanyahu and the suffering he suffers from internal humiliation, to the extent that he needs his opponents to the “annexation of the Golan” paper, which Israel failed in 1982. The extreme rightist Donald Trump comes and thinks that his racist mind, Which managed to exterminate the indigenous peoples of the American continent, that the same thing will benefit in these days and with the people of news of resistance over hundreds of years.
He stressed the importance of forming a global front to reject the American decision, neutralizing it and reducing it, and urging the international community to uphold the rejection of this unilateral resolution, considering that diplomatic action and international consensus to reject this resolution will have a big role in curbing the United States. The Popular Resistance Alliance, in preparation for a possible military confrontation with the Zionist enemy, is also taken into account.
For his part, Director of the Golan Affairs Office in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Medhat Saleh described Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan as “international piracy” and said in a statement to Al-Watan: “This land is Syrian land and is not owned by Israelis. The Israeli enemy is an occupier of the Golan, and international law has no effect on Trump’s decisions. The resolutions of the UN Security Council and the United Nations resolutions confirm that the Golan is occupied Syrian territory and belongs to the Syrian sovereignty.
He warned that the decision would cause significant measures toward the Golan Heights by Israel, by increasing the rate of settlement activity and more Zionist measures against our people in the occupied Golan, which has been ongoing for decades. But if the American green light is given, .

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Anzour: Netanyahu is weak and needs a paper «annexing the Golan» .. Saleh: There is no legal effect of the decisions of Trump and warn of the Judaization … People of Majdal Shams move protest and assert their belonging to Syria

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