Vice-President of the People’s Assembly Necdet Ismail Anzour said that the Russian-Turkish differences on the implementation of the Sochi Agreement and the Syrian Arab Army launched a military operation with the support of Russia against terrorist organizations and armed militias loyal to the Turkish regime in the north of the country does not mean that the agreement is ” But he saw the fate of the “Astana track” as “some freeze.”
In an interview with Al-Watan, Anzour said in response to a question: “If the Sochi agreement is behind the scenes, as the Russian-Turkish differences emerge and the army launches a military operation against terrorists and armed militias loyal to the Turkish regime in the northwest, The path of the Sochi agreement has come to be seen as military action is part of the performance of any political process if it can not be achieved peacefully. “
Anzor said that this does not mean that the Turkish party will be happy when it ends its tools with a military operation or to limit their role to the maximum extent and thus paralyze his arm in Syria.
Since late April, the Syrian Arab Army has been waging a military operation against terrorist organizations and armed militias loyal to the Turkish regime in the area of ​​the fourth “reduction of escalation” in northwest Syria, with the support of the Syrian and Russian air forces with the aim of restoring the Syrian state to control the region.
The start of the process marked signs of differences between the sponsors of the “Astana track” (Russia, Iran and Turkey), which resulted in the fourth “reduction of escalation” agreement in the sixth round, which took place in mid-September 2017. Moscow and Damascus, It aims to find a peaceful solution to the region and avoid further bloodshed. The fate of the areas covered by the agreement (Idlib governorate, parts of the northern Hama countryside, a small part of the north-eastern Latakia countryside and part of the south-western Aleppo countryside) is to return to Syrian state control.
Russia and Iran are the guarantors of Damascus in the “Astana track”, while the Turkish regime is considered the guarantor of terrorist organizations and its armed militias, which refused to implement the Sochi agreement in September 2018 between Moscow and Ankara and provided for the establishment of a “demilitarized zone” To reduce the escalation “in the territory controlled by the organization of the” Front of victory “terrorist and militias and the withdrawal of heavy weapons and then the withdrawal of terrorist organizations, which was supposed to be in mid-October last, which has not been so far because of the Turkish regime escaping the party guarantor of terrorists and militias Of implementation Obligations under the Agreement.
As for the fate of the “Astana track,” especially since both Russia and Turkey are considered as guarantors, Anzur said: “The fate of the Astana track is some freezing because both Russia and Turkey are both sides of the track and Iran.”
The Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly pointed out that in view of the progress of the Syrian Arab Army, it is noted that since the beginning of the battle, Turkey has been swaying in its statements towards the American side in terms of negotiations for the so-called “safe zone”, and also the American side seems to be playing in the region to exploit the Russian-Turkish dispute over Battle of Idlib and shows some flexibility towards the Turkish side.
“We believe that Turkey as a deeply deep state is leaning towards the American side and has not moved away from it at all.”
If Iran is the third party guarantor in the “Astana track” could be heading for calm between Russia and Turkey to maintain the “path of Astana,” it will line up with one of the parties, Anzur saw that «the role that can play Iran is to control the regional balance and have no role in the truce Between Russia and Turkey to maintain the path of Astana as it is fully aware that the form of the relationship with Turkey controlled by international dimensions first and then regional, and that Russia is playing on the basis of containing the Turkish tools peaceful and if not stop tools move to solid power and this happened after more patience than Half a year for Turkey to implement the agreement «SOT “He did not do so that the military operation began.”

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

ANZOR: Idleb’s battle did not make the Sochi deal behind but it would freeze the “Astana track”

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