The Prime Minister Emad Khamis that the state has allocated large amounts to be provided as loans for investment projects in accordance with economic and banking controls to ensure their investment and achieve the desired purpose, noting that the government announced to provide all means of support to investors and solve strategic problems.
During his meeting with investors yesterday Khamis pointed out that the problem of corruption in the industrial cities is also being addressed, stressing that providing facilities to investors and delivering the voice of each investor and resolve what is opposed to his work for the public interest and not to facilitate violations.
He added: We encourage investment in industrial cities, and the government announced the provision of all means of support to investors and that the real investment process of the State of interest and is ready to provide the necessary facilities to launch any project for investors from home and abroad.
During the meeting, a number of investors presented their problems, including the establishment of 17 projects to raise cattle, livestock and poultry in Sweida facing financing and service obstacles that must be addressed to revive these projects, which are implemented and obtained final agricultural licenses and were stolen and vandalized by armed terrorist groups.
Based on this, Khamis called for the immediate response of the projects as important and securing a lot of job opportunities by forming a working team that includes the ministries of local administration, agriculture, water resources, electricity, the Investment Authority and the branch of the Agricultural Bank in Sweden to describe the region and submit a memorandum within a week.
Another investor presented his problem to the failure of the implementation of a project to deal with the coke oil in Hama, considering that the value of the loan of the Industrial Bank of the province is insufficient to complete the completion of the plant.
Within this context, Khamis asked the Ministry of Finance to coordinate with the Commercial Bank of Syria to grant the required loan as it is commensurate with the existing work system at the Commercial Bank.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Announced the provision of all means of support, including large loans to investors … Thursday: we address corruption in industrial cities

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