Observers believe that the resignation of the Iraqi government and put the political blocs in front of a real test this time to choose an alternative to Abdul-Mahdi is acceptable to the Iraqi street according to constitutional deadlines that can not be exceeded only by amending them.
In turn, a source close to the Iraqi President, Barham Saleh yesterday that the latter did not receive the name of any alternative to the outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi.
He told «Russia today»: «The names that were said to be proposed as candidates in place of Abdul-Mahdi, and they have reached the President of the Republic, is incorrect and naked about health».
For his part, called «Alliance of Forces» headed by Mohammed Halbusi, yesterday to nominate a figure from a component other than the Shiite prime minister.
The deputy head of the parliamentary bloc of the coalition Raad al-Dahlaki in a statement received by the Iraqi Information Agency «conscious» a copy of it, he was surprised «duplication of dealings with some parties and trying to ride the wave, pointing out that« some parties did not learn the lesson, and did not get the volume of sacrifices that “It was provided by the masses and the blood that was poured out of the narrow headlines, ditches and quotas.”
The statement stressed that «the first threshold of quotas was by reducing the candidates of the three presidencies with certain components, so if the parties claiming to reject the quota to apply the slogans raised, it should nominate a figure from a component other than the Shiite prime minister and leave the option of approval for the masses away About political forces. ”
Dahlaki added: «This step is the real message to overcome sectarianism, which was done by the Alliance of powers when he nominated the names of all components of the defense portfolio exceeding the narrow titles, and this is what we want to see today from the Shiite forces calling for reform and overcoming sectarianism, but without it everyone must recognize Failure and going to the people to say his word for the good of Iraq and its people ».
For his part, rejected the movement «Atta» headed by Faleh Fayyad yesterday, the statements made by Dahkhali on the nomination of a non-Shiite figure for prime minister, wondering «Is the inability of the Shiites to provide competent and independent figures»?
The head of the parliamentary bloc of the movement MP Haider al-Fouadi in a statement received «conscious» copy, “we are surprised by the way the quota is canceled by nominating a non-Shiite figure for prime minister,” wondering «Is the inability of the Shiites to provide competent and independent figures»?
He added: “This message came unsuccessful, false slogans and does not address the problems suffered by the people of the country,” noting that «some personalities began to invest the opportunity to obtain certain gains at the expense of the suffering of the central and southern provinces».

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

«Alliance of powers»: To nominate a «non-Shiite» figure for the prime minister of Iraq .. And «giving» rejects

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