Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly Necdet Anzour said that diplomatic action and international consensus to reject US President Donald Trump’s declaration of recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Arab Golan would have a great role in curbing it and warned that his racial mind would not benefit the people of the resistance. When the head of the Golan Affairs Office in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Medhat Al-Saleh, described Donald Trump’s decision as “international piracy”, warning of a plan of withdrawal, the Golan may be prolonged after that.
In a statement to Al-Watan, Anzour said that the United States is arrogant in disregarding the rights of the Arabs, especially the Palestinians and the Syrians, and trampling on the international resolutions that it once voted on, especially resolutions 242 and 338 and Security Council resolution 497 of 1981, That Israel should not be forced to annex the occupied territories in 1967, and other resolutions, all this arrogance and arrogance will be reflected on America and the Zionist enemy, because the Syrian people, who did not trust America, On our rights, and therefore no longer Hntn even a solution to the problems in the region keys, very clear and more, and this will be harmful to them in front of millions of people of the region.
The United States is not only facing us as Syrians, but even with its allies in Europe. The European Union has also rejected this arrogance and irresponsibility.
On the Syrian options available in light of this continued American arrogance, Anzour said that Syria is still at the stage of confronting the clients of «Israel» of the call and «support front» and terrorist organizations aimed at weakening the countries of the region, which in the name of (Islam) did not do any operation against the Zionist enemy However, Syria has declared its position that the Golan is a right for it and for its people and will liberate it by all legitimate means. As long as the resistance is strengthened at all levels, economic, diplomatic and military, and its social strength increases as well, our people in the occupied Golan will increase their adherence to their homeland, They refuse any Except for Syrian identity.
Anzor referred to the situation of the Prime Minister of the entity of the enemy Benjamin Netanyahu and the suffering of internal affliction, to the point of his need for his opponents to the paper “annexation of the Golan,” which failed by «Israel» in 1982, to come right-wing extremist Donald Trump, and thinks that his racist mind, The indigenous peoples of the American continent will benefit in these days and with the people of news of resistance over hundreds of years.
He stressed the importance of forming a global front to reject the American decision, neutralizing it and reducing it, and urging the international community to uphold the rejection of this unilateral resolution, considering that diplomatic action and international consensus to reject this resolution will have a big role in curbing the United States. The Popular Resistance Alliance, in preparation for a possible military confrontation with the Zionist enemy, is also taken into account.
For his part, described the director of the Golan Affairs Office in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Trump’s decision to recognize the sovereignty of «Israel» on the Golan «international piracy», and said in a statement «Home»: «This land is the land of Syria is not his property, The Israeli enemy is an occupier of the Golan, and international law has no effect on Trump’s decisions. The resolutions of the UN Security Council and UN resolutions confirm that the Golan is occupied Syrian territory and belongs to the Syrian sovereignty.
Saleh warned that the decision will cause significant actions towards the Golan Heights by Israel, through increasing the proportion of settlements and more Zionist actions against our people in the occupied Golan, which has been going on for decades. But if the American green light is given, »Towards the Judaization of the Golan Heights.
He said that the seriousness of what is happening is that Washington is openly working to violate international norms and laws, and the resolutions of the Security Council, and grant land that does not have to people who do not have them, including the Golan and Jerusalem.
He pointed out that the Syrian position was clear and strong in this direction, pointing out that the situation will escalate significantly, because the Syrians have the right to do all the work available, and the people of the Golan will not be silent on what is woven against them and will begin to move whether sit-ins or other actions , To emphasize the belonging to the motherland Syria, and the categorical and complete rejection of this resolution and all the decisions that will be issued against the Golan.
He said that the Syrian state has the right to use all means to regain its territory, including war and popular resistance. This is a right guaranteed by the international covenants, calling on the international community and the Arab and Syrian people, To support the steadfastness of our people in the Golan and to provide all the media, moral and material means and provide them with this support to continue their steadfastness in the face of Israeli projects.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Al-Saleh: What is included in his statement «international piracy» and warn of possible serious repercussions … Anzor for «homeland»: the mind of Trump apartheid will not benefit the people of the news of resistance

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