The death toll of the Israeli aggression for the second day on the Gaza Strip rose to 26 martyrs, including 3 children and a woman, and 72 injuries.
The Israeli enemy carried out 50 air strikes and 21 artillery attacks on the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the aggression, and announced «Al Quds Brigades», the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the martyr commander Khaled Moawad Farraj, the bombing of the occupation on Mughraqa central Gaza Strip.
The movement’s spokesman, Musab al-Buraim, according to Al-Mayadeen TV, indicated that the coming hours will be more decisive for the response of the Al-Quds Brigades, and declared that «we have information that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu begging for calm», saying that «the decision to end this battle However, the resistance represented by «Brigades of Jerusalem» and Islamic Jihad ».
Al-Buraim said: «We wait in the coming hours a field position establishing the next battle, makes the occupation the weakest party».
The Islamic Jihad’s response to the assassination of Bahaa Abu al-Atta opened the door for speculation in Israel about the duration of the round of fighting and its consequences, especially in light of the monitors’ talk of high material and moral costs.
In the meantime, there were demonstrations in Ramallah to condemn the Israeli attacks on Gaza, where the demonstrators demanded international intervention to stop these attacks.
In contrast, Netanyahu said at the start of his mini-cabinet meeting: The direction of his government is not about escalation, but will respond to every attack, he said, while Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz that the confrontation with the «Jerusalem Brigades» may last days.
On the other hand, the joint chamber of the Palestinian resistance factions confirmed that the chamber manages the military confrontation through coordination and coordination at the highest levels, and that the resistance tactics and plans are disciplined within the framework of consensus and integration between the military wings, whether in the size of the response or its implementation or levels and extent.
The Joint Chamber stressed in a statement that it will not allow the enemy to engage or commit the resistance to rules of engagement that do not satisfy them, and will not accept the attempts of the occupation to return to the policy of cowardly assassinations under any circumstances, calling on the public of the entity now living in the shelters to see the results of the political and military leadership folly, which Take responsibility for paralyzing life in the entity and opening shelters and life under fire.
«Brigades of Jerusalem» fired bursts of missiles towards the occupied territories, said the field commander «Abu Hamza»: The movement defies the Zionist military censorship to reveal pictures and videos that show the extent of the destruction of factories, headquarters and settler houses in the «cover of Gaza» and occupied cities that were injured Accurate.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

«Al-Quds Brigades»: We wait in the coming hours a field position establishing a future battle … Dozens of martyrs in the second day of the Israeli aggression on Gaza

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