President of the Federation of Trade Unions in Syria, Jamal Al-Qadri, considered that the third International Trade Union Forum of Solidarity with Syria, which concluded yesterday, was successful and culminated in the reception of President Bashar al-Assad to a delegation of participants.
Al-Qadri said in an exclusive interview with Al-Watan, that the meeting with President al-Assad gained great importance as a large part of the participants are visiting Syria for the first time, after they were exposed to the fabrication of Western and anti-Syrian media. .
Al-Qadri explained that President al-Assad spoke to the delegates about the important role played by Syrian workers throughout its history, which is clearly devoted in defending the country against the terrorist organizations that Syria faced, if by insisting on going to their work despite the dangers and targeting conditions or in the defense. His Excellency stressed that the role of the worker is important in society and is a key factor of economic and social stability in any society, and that the building and reconstruction of the country is the efforts of all segments, and workers are the largest segment.
Al-Qadri pointed out that President al-Assad answered the questions and interventions of the representatives of the delegations by his transparency and the usual broadness of his chest, where they affirmed in their interventions that they lived today the true picture of what is the case in Syria.
Al-Qadri pointed to President al-Assad’s assertion of the Syrians’ determination to free every inch of Syria from the abomination of terrorism.
He pointed out that the impact of the meeting was reflected through the consensus on the final statement, which focused on core issues, including the demand to lift the siege and condemn the US and Western intervention, as reflected in the insistence of delegates to include political issues in the final statement by demanding the support of the Syrian Arab Army and condemn the suspicious Turkish intervention In the war on Syria, condemning the plans to establish the “safe zone” that America and Turkey plan in northern Syria and demanding the closure of US bases and the disarming of all illegal weapons on Syrian soil.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Al-Qadri told Al-Watan: President al-Assad answered his interventions with his usual transparency

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