President of the Federation of Trade Unions in Syria, Jamal Al-Qadri, said that the third international trade union forum of solidarity with workers and people of Syria, which concluded in Damascus yesterday, culminated in the reception of President Bashar al-Assad to a delegation of participants.
Al-Qadri said in an interview with Al-Watan, that the meeting with the President has gained great importance as a large part of the participants are visiting Syria for the first time after they were exposed to the fabrication of Western and anti-Syrian media and that their warm meeting with President Al-Jalla fully brought the truth to them.
Al-Qadri explained that President al-Assad spoke to the representatives of the delegations about the important role played by the Syrian workers throughout its history, which is clearly devoted in defending the country against the terrorist organizations that Syria faced, if by insisting on going to their work despite the dangers and targeting conditions or in defending His Excellency stressed that the role of the worker is important in society and is a key factor of economic and social stability in any society and that the building and reconstruction of the country is the efforts of all segments and workers are the largest segment.
He also explained the importance of meeting with trade unions and unions because they represent workers who embody the national identity in any society so when the workers are fine, the society is fine, noting the role of the Syrian Trade Union in the face of this war since its inception.
The President also answered the questions and interventions of the representatives of the delegations with his transparency and the usual broadness of his chest, where they stressed in their interventions that they lived today the true picture of what is the case in Syria.
Al-Qadri pointed out that President al-Assad stressed the importance of the working class in the world because it is the basic base in societies. He also focused on depriving many workers in the world of the product they deserve, even though they are the productive force, pointing out that governments in the West are a reflection of capitalist blocs and the interests of big companies. Transcontinental organizations that disregard the interests of the working class with their actions and policies in favor of transcontinental companies.
Al-Qadri pointed to President al-Assad’s assertion of the Syrians’ determination to free every inch of Syria from the abomination of terrorism.
Al-Qadri pointed to the implications of this meeting with delegations through what they expressed in the evening sessions and bilateral meetings that followed the meeting, stressing the existence of a consensus among them on the sophistication and modesty associated with the highness enjoyed by this great leader.
“ We heard from everyone with pride these testimonies and testimonies to those who do not know lying, hypocrisy or coloring, these workers and trade unionists who speak out absolutely frankly, and who confirmed that they will convey their impressions to their workers and their countries.
Al-Qadri pointed out that the impact of the meeting was manifested by consensus on the final statement, which focused on fundamental issues, including the demand to lift the siege and condemn the US and Western intervention, as reflected in the insistence of delegates to include political issues in the final statement by calling for the support of the Syrian Arab Army and condemn the Turkish intervention Suspected in the war on Syria and condemned plans to establish a “safe zone” planned by the United States and Turkey in northern Syria and demand the closure of US bases, and the disarmament of all illegal weapons on Syrian soil.
Al-Qadri said, “ Today, we assured the media participating in the forum that the impact of the siege is on the widest strata of Syrian society in their daily lives, and the most affected are the poor classes of workers and peasants.“The focus was on the service of launching a global campaign through 85 organizations that participated in the forum.
Al-Qadri said that the foreign journalists participating in the forum expressed their admiration for the legendary steadfastness of the Syrian people in the face of the war on their country.
He pointed out that the guests felt the determination of the Syrians to live and their ability to make joy from the heart of pain, and praised the state of organization they saw in this forum.
Al-Qadri pointed out to the distinguished and diverse participation of this forum, noting the role of the Syrian media in covering its activities and holding dialogues with most of the guests to get acquainted with their opinions, participation and impressions all over the world.
He said: We as a trade union organization program our work in accordance with the directives and directions of President Assad, putting the interests of the country and the interests of our workers above all considerations, adding, «We are sure that the cause of suffering as a working class is the criminal acts of terrorist groups and this siege», pointing out that «without the exceptional measures taken by the state “To secure the needs of the people, the situation was much worse because we are in a war of existence.”

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Al-Qadri told Al-Watan: President al-Assad affirmed the Syrians’ determination to free every inch of Syria from the abomination of terrorism.

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