Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Walid al-Moallem revealed that the Constitutional Committee is scheduled to start its work on October 30 in Geneva, according to a tentative date that the UN envoy will return to Damascus, after the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly, to agree with him. On the details.
In a private interview with al-Moallem yesterday evening to talk about the subject of the Constitution Discussion Committee, its nature and its mechanism of learning, the total number of members of the committee is 150, 50 of which are supported by the Syrian government, 50 from the other party and 50 from the civil society. He explained that this is called the enlarged committee, and it emerges a mini committee of 45 members, including 15 supported by the government and 15 for the other party, and 15 for civil society, noting that the expanded committee will meet once in Geneva, then invited to meet in the light of the progress made by the mini committee, pointing out The mini-committee will work within the framework of dialogue between Parties, and whenever they accomplish something, the expanded committee may be called to vote on its achievements.
Regarding the mechanism of the committee’s work, Al-Moallem said that this matter will be discussed upon Pederson’s return to Damascus, explaining that discussing the constitution does not prevent the consideration of a new constitution, because by amending one article, we have a new constitution, indicating that the negotiation work was being pursued with the least detail from the president. Bashar al-Assad, so there were no mistakes and no concessions.
Regarding the series of rules and procedures of the Constitutional Committee, al-Moallem stressed that the committee is led by Syria and the Syrian monarchy, meaning that there is no foreign interference in it, and the members of the committee are the masters themselves, and foreign interference is rejected. “It is open until the committee finishes its work.”
He stressed that the Committee must recognize in all its components that the Syrian Arab Republic is an independent sovereign state, and that the liberation of its territory is a national duty from all terrorism and external presence, stressing that there is no interference or external dictates, nor formulas presented to the members of the Committee they are discussing as masters themselves.
Regarding the role of the United Nations, Al-Moallem said that its role is facilitating, that is, it facilitates the work of the parties no more, and does not interfere in the substance of the debate, warning that in the event of conspiracy against Syria, and Ankara has implemented the promises of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the island, or did not implement the United States President Donald Trump has said that withdrawal from the region will hamper the work of the committee and its progress.
In his television interview, which came before his departure to New York, to deliver a Syrian speech to the United Nations General Assembly next Saturday, Muallem pointed out that the war on terrorism is still going on and will continue until the liberation of all Syrian territory, indicating that the basic guarantee not to obstruct the work of the Constitutional Committee is the position of the Syrian state When you feel that there are external fingers in the committee’s work, you will announce it and stop talking.
Al-Moallem stressed that the committee is immune to rules of procedures that take into account the aspirations of the Syrian people and the blood of the martyrs and the national constants, and said: There is no fear of going to discuss the constitution, but do not take into account the trust of the other party, because the experience taught us that they are just a tool in the hands of external forces, and our position is firm and will not allow anyone To put one word of what we are drafting regarding the Constitution ».

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Al-Moallem: We will not allow anyone to put a word on what we are drafting and we are continuing to fight terrorism.

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