During a reception held by the Central Command of the Arab Socialist Baath Party on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Syria and Russia, during which the Assistant Secretary General of the Party Hilal al-Hilal stressed that the relationship between Syria and Russia is not a normal relationship at all. The level of exceeding the political dimension, while describing the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Faisal Miqdad, relations between the two countries as “a strategy in word and deed,” at a time when the Russian ambassador to Damascus, Alexander Yevimov that the true nature of Russian-Syrian relations appeared very clearly from Syria found itself face to face with the terrorist threat, stressing that Russia “never leaves its friends at the time of calamities.”
The reception was attended by the Assistant Secretary-General of the Ba’ath party, members of the Central Command of the party, the Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hamouda Al-Sabbagh, the Council of Ministers Emad Khamis, the Deputy Head of the Progressive National Front, Major General Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Sha’ar, Defense, Oil and Mineral Resources, Local Administration, Internal Trade, Consumer Protection, Administrative Development, Transport, Water Resources and Health, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Faisal Miqdad, as well as a number of members of the People’s Assembly and a number of officers of the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces. Syrian figures.
The ceremony was also attended by the Russian Ambassador in Damascus, a number of members of the Russian diplomatic mission, Russian military officers, in addition to a number of ambassadors of Arab and foreign countries and members of diplomatic missions in Syria.

Russia was the first to establish a true foundation for the region

In a speech during the celebration, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Ba’th Party conveyed to the audience the greetings and love of President al-Assad and then spoke about the history of the development of Syrian-Russian relations. He pointed out that today in this global war we are moving together.
“We are fighting this war together. A fierce war that history has never seen as an example at all that we are waging with all strength and with courage, to start and give these criminals the true cooperation, love and friendship that establishes a sound foundation that pays off with all strength and courage. “
He pointed out that the period of the relationship between the two countries «is not a simple period at all but it has always been a burning constant error and move strongly from one stage to the stage of stability and despite the change of all the circumstances have always been in this relationship in the case of permanent progress towards the better and to a higher position, Shows that the two peoples in both countries believe in this truly intimate relationship. “
He added: “Now if we say that the relationship between Syria and Russia is not a normal relationship at all, it has risen in the human dimension to a level beyond the political dimension of the common friendship based on very solid foundations,” pointing out that this relationship was based on a great legacy of culture and history « And here lies the secret of these relations and the name we see. “
Al-Hilal spoke of the support provided by Russian friends to Syria in the October War, and therefore its victory and our real partners were our Russian friends. He pointed out that Russian friends continue to support them but under the leadership of the great leaders Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin.
“This cooperation brings results. It pays off. Pays off. “This victory, which is achieved today in every part of the country, is not only a victory for Syria, it is a victory for humanity, a victory for all the honorable people of the nation, a victory for the world.”
Al-Hilal stressed that Russia is the first to establish a sound foundation for the region and away from personal interests. “Therefore, we always say that we are in the axis of truth, the axis of honesty.”
Al-Hilal stressed that “every grain of dust will return to the homeland by all means, either war or peace, and therefore Syria will remain the same, but the bets on the enemies of the nation, we say to them and the most important return to the bosom of the homeland return to your Syrian because it will protect you only Syria will protect you only This homeland and therefore at the first crossroads will sell you in the market of the pasture and this is what they have done a lot and therefore do not bet on them ».

Is an example to be followed in international relations

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants. In a speech during the ceremony, Meqdad stressed that the relations between our two countries «strategic relations and distinct since the history and under the various governments and political systems, both Russian and within the framework of the Soviet Union».
He said: “We are honored to be witnesses and see more depth and steadfastness under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, President of the Syrian Arab Republic and President Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, where it became strategic relations in word and deed embodied in the blood of our martyrs Syrians and Russians in the battles of heroism and honor and dignity in our war on terrorism International ».
Al-Mekdad pointed out that Syria and the Russian Federation, led by Presidents Assad and Putin, are going to record history in gold letters because the relations that have been built will become an example in international relations. This alliance will show new energies to the peoples of the world. It is an example of the desired goal and an indispensable alternative for the peoples of the world to preserve their independence and sovereignty and to defend the principles of justice, peace, equality and law.
He stressed that the diplomatic relations that developed between our two countries in the womb of the victories achieved by the Soviet army in the Second World War against Nazism and its tools confirm that our joint stand now against the neo-Nazism represented by the preacher and the support front and those supported by terrorists in the United States and Europe have always united us through times and circumstances And proves once again that friendship is not only based on common interests, and not only on opportunistic principles, and not only on the interests of fleeting temporary interests. It is true friendship that persists throughout the ages and times and is not subject to vicissitudes Political and cheap pressures that we see accumulate in US relations with allies who use them only to blackmail their money and steal their people.
Al-Mekdad stressed that the circles known by the whole world are trying to support the terrorists and assassins to prolong the terrorist war against Syria, especially after its failure and the failure of its tools of terrorists and murderers to achieve anything in their war against Syria. Terrorism in the face of this plot, which has not seen Syria and the world have a similar to them, pointing out that they failed and failed in the forefront of «Israel», which led the United States and its Western allies in this devastating war on Syria.
Mekdad sent a clear and unambiguous message to all those who beg to continue to serve Israel’s objectives in northeastern Syria and in Idlib to stop before it is too late. Syria is a difficult figure for enemies as it is against division and looting.
He added: «I will not allow this occasion to pass without going to the heroes of the Russian army and their leadership of gratitude and recognition of their dedication to our participation in the victories we have achieved as well as in the next victories, which will put an end to terrorism and the dreams of terrorists and their support and still supports them».
He concluded by saying: The passage of seventy-five years of the strategic relationship between Syria and the Russian Federation, which has succeeded in excellence in the exams of time and failed all plans of those who believe that colonization of Syria and other Arab countries will continue forever is a relationship we will not allow anyone to touch it ».

I stood the test of time

For his part, the Russian ambassador to Syria said in a speech that “if we turn to history we can make sure that the past years have not failed in vain, Russian-Syrian cooperation has stood the test of time and still has the huge potential to benefit from the subsequent development of our two countries and peoples.” .
The Russian ambassador said that Syria has been and remains one of the most important partners and allies of Russia in the Middle East, pointing out that Moscow has provided its support to Syria permanently in the most difficult moments of its history.
In the twenty-first century, Russia and Syria have linked relations based on mutual understanding and trust, he said, pointing to close coordination between Russian and Syrian diplomats in order to defend the interests of our two countries in various international forums and above all in the United Nations.
He pointed out that the true nature of Russian-Syrian relations emerged very clearly when Syria found itself face to face with the hateful terrorist threat and fought to preserve its sovereignty, while Syria betrayed many of those who have already called themselves friends of the Syrian people.
The Russian ambassador stressed that Russia “never leaves” its friends at a time of calamity. Russia’s decisive support for the legitimate Syrian authorities allowed the turn of the war on terrorism to break the main force of terrorists and begin to restore peaceful life in the majority of the country.
He pointed out that Russia is actively involved in finding ways to reach a sustainable Syrian reconciliation, but it is unlikely to be completed as long as the illegal foreign military presence continues in Syrian territory and as long as the pockets of the forces controlled by the outside and hostile to the Syrian state and its people remain.
“Today, Syrian friends say that our two countries are not only partners but are one team and I am happy to confirm that this is true,” he concluded.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Al-Hilal: The human dimension has risen to a level beyond the political dimension … The Baath Party holds a festive celebration in Damascus on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Syria and Russia … Mekdad: «Strategy in word and deed» .. Vivimov: Russia never leaves its friends In the time of calamities

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