In an indication of the intention of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the International Alliance to end the existence of an agitated organization in the town of Al-Bagouz, after committing many massacres against civilians, Qusad claimed that it controlled positions inside the last enclave of the organization in the east of the Euphrates.
Observers believe that what is going on in the Baguoz is nothing more than a play performed by Qusad and the International Alliance to show themselves that they have achieved a great victory by eliminating an oppressor. In fact, what is happening is a scenario similar to what happened in al-Raqqa when the organization emerged safely from the city Under an agreement reached with «Qsd» and «alliance», knowing that the organization of a preacher in the Baguoz had previously announced an agreement with «Qsd» and «coalition» to get out of the wishes of the gunmen safely.
On Monday night, the director of the media center in Qusd, Mustapha Bali, in Tgiraida, claimed that “several sites have been seized and our forces have detonated an ammunition depot” in the Baguoz, adding that ” On sites inside the Baguoz camp ».
Qusd, backed by the Washington-based International Alliance, has repeatedly claimed that it slowed its operations and sometimes suspended it in the last enclave of the organization in the east of the Euphrates, claiming it resumed the bombing campaign on Sunday night.
According to an AFP correspondent in the area, from inside the Baguoz, the air strikes of the coalition aircraft, which were not heard by the town, could be heard, heavy gunfire and explosions were heard, and gunfire was seen in the organization’s pocket.
Since the campaign, which Qusad and the Alliance say they are waging against the organization in Baguoz, the latter has committed many massacres that have killed hundreds of civilians.
One of the gunmen said “Qusd” according to AFP, that “there is still resistance (by the militants of the organization) but declined.”
“We do not have a precise timetable for ending the operation,” said Keno Gabriel, a spokesman for Qusad, at a press conference in the town of Sousse near Baguoz. “I hope it will not take more than a week, but this is my personal assessment.”
Late last January, the commander-in-chief of Qusd, Mazloum Kubani, predicted that the military presence would end within a month. However, the battle continues, and has been extended several times.
In addition, opposition media sources said that, along with the shelling of the Baguoz, a new batch of farmers from the town moved towards the Qusd control areas yesterday.
The sources claimed that “the clashes continue violently” between “Qusd” supported by the “international coalition” on the one hand, and the remnants of the militants of the organization on the other, axes in the Baguoz.
According to the sources, the forces of «Ksd able to progress and reached the outskirts of the camp Albagoz from the north».
The sources pointed out that the clashes were accompanied by ground and aerial bombardment of the «coalition» and «Qsd», amid information about the casualties confirmed by both parties.
In the meantime, a propaganda organization announced, according to opposition websites, the killing of an Italian in the ranks of «Ksad» in addition to four of the last militants in the battles Bagouz.
The organization published photographs showing the body of the Italian gunman, along with documents proving his identity, and said: It was in possession after his death in the battles.
On the other hand, opposition media sources said that the areas of the control of «Ksd» in the province of Deir al-Zour witnessed a rising security vacuum without limiting it so far, noting that in the town of Tiena rural Deiralzor East, unknown gunmen on a motorcycle to target a car A member of «Qsd» in the town, which led to the death of one of its gunmen and wounding others, while the gunmen of «Qsd» in the city of Basra shot at a young man from the town of Shuhail, causing injury to the young man shot a head in critical condition .
The sources also found the body of a young man from the town of Subekhan has been slaughtered with a sharp tool, in the outskirts of the village of eastern Jerzy, at the time of a violent explosion in the vicinity of the town of a hybrid, caused by a bomb explosion, a car «Qsd» outskirts of the town, Gunmen killed and wounded others.
In Raqqa, the bodies of an unidentified child were found dead on a sharp machine near the village of Al-Garniya (70 km west of the city of Raqqa), according to opposition websites.

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Al-Bagouz series is about to end!

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