While Washington expressed its shock at the Russian-Chinese double veto, against a draft resolution in the Security Council to transfer humanitarian aid to Syria that exploits the humanitarian situation in it and violates its sovereignty, Moscow considered that the results of the aforementioned council meeting threatens to keep the Syrians without aid in the future, considering that attempts Holding it responsible for not extending the mechanism, “totally unacceptable.”
Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, confirmed yesterday, on the website of the Russian mission, according to the website of “Russia Today” channel, that the results of the Security Council meeting on the mechanism of cross-border aid to Syria threatens to keep the Syrians without assistance in the future.
Of course, there are no winners today, there are only losers, these are ordinary Syrian citizens who risk leaving them without future aid, and attempts to hold Russia accountable for the fact that the mechanism has not been extended are totally unacceptable, he said.
Nebenzia stressed that Russia has not refused to provide humanitarian aid to those Syrians who need it. In addition, it has proposed expanding the mechanism and expanding its scope to include those areas that need this assistance.
He added: “I repeat, we were ready to extend, we do not know what will happen when this mechanism ends on January 10 (next), but I believe that our partners need to be realistic and understand what they can achieve in this situation and what is really impossible.”
And the day before yesterday, Russia and China used their veto power against a draft resolution in the UN Security Council on the transfer of humanitarian aid to Syria that exploits the humanitarian situation in it and violates its sovereignty.
At that time, Nebenzia said that his country voted against the draft resolution submitted by Germany, Belgium and Kuwait on the transfer of humanitarian aid to Syria across the border because it is unacceptable, stressing that it is not permissible to transfer humanitarian aid to Syria without the approval of the Syrian government.
He pointed out that the Russian draft resolution that was frustrated by Western countries on the transfer of humanitarian aid, provides for the extension of the work of the current mechanism for transferring aid for a period of half a year and not for a year as required by the draft submitted by the three countries mentioned, indicating that the Russian draft provides for maintaining two crossing points The four crossings for the transportation of aid.
It is noteworthy that the UN Security Council adopted Resolution No. 2165, which authorized humanitarian convoys heading to Syria to cross the border. Its validity is extended every year, and this mechanism is still in place since July 2014.
After adopting Resolution 2165 in 2014, Syria affirmed that the humanitarian side is one of the most important aspects of the crisis in it and that it has adopted new mechanisms and initiatives to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to its needs, and welcomed all previous efforts to help it reduce this humanitarian burden on its people, stressing that all measures, no matter how large It will remain cosmetic and fall short of the required performance if the root causes underlying the suffering of the Syrian people, mainly represented by the activities carried out by terrorist groups, are not addressed, in addition to addressing the negative effects incurred by the Syrian citizen as a result of coercive economic measures Of unilateralism imposed by the governments sponsoring terrorism on the Syrian people that.
The Russian-Chinese “double” veto shook Washington’s feelings and put it in a “shock” state, as opposition websites yesterday quoted the US permanent representative to the United Nations “Kelly Kraft” as saying from the organization’s headquarters in New York after the “veto”: “I am in A deep state of shock, and this case continues with me and I am talking to you now, and as you remember, I spoke at the beginning of this month about the credibility of the Security Council and the implementation of the principle of accountability, and today we took a huge step back in the credibility »!.
She added: “I am deeply disappointed with the outcome of the Council meeting today (Friday), but what I can say now: We will continue every day during the holiday season, to work for a new draft resolution before January 10 next.”
The opposition “coalition” supported by the Turkish regime, for its part, has aligned with what the countries that claim hostility to the Syrian state say, as it did not hide its annoyance with the Russian-Chinese “double” veto by announcing its condemnation and denunciation of it, according to opposition websites.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

After the double “Russian-Chinese veto” … Washington is in a “shock” situation, and the “coalition” is upset … Moscow: The results of the Security Council meeting threaten to keep the Syrians without aid

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