US President Donald Trump announced that he had told US National Security Adviser John Bolton that his services were no longer needed at the White House.
Bolton, whom Israel considers one of its secret weapons, was the godfather of Washington’s exit from the nuclear deal with Iran, which sparked an international crisis whose repercussions are still ongoing.
Although Moscow has described Bolton’s dismissal as an internal affair, and Iran is seen as a decisive example of the failure of US pressure on Iran, but it is widely expected that a change in US policy will necessarily happen after one of the most hard-liners emerges.
Trump said in a tweet on Twitter that he received Bolton’s resignation this morning (yesterday), and will appoint a new national security adviser next week, stressing that he strongly disagreed with him on many of his proposals, as well as with others in the administration and accordingly asked him to resign.
The White House, for its part, confirmed what Trump said. “The president did not agree with many of Bolton’s political advice, and they are at odds,” he said.
For his part, White House deputy spokesman Gadley confirmed that Charlie Cooperman will serve as acting national security adviser.
The exit of Bolton and his representations of the coming American equations, which was necessarily due to the steadfastness of the region, especially the axis of resistance, coincided with an Israeli “electoral distinction”, expressed by the enemy Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who unleashed his imagination yesterday, reaching the limits of imposing what He called it “Israeli sovereignty” over the Jordan Valley, the northern Dead Sea and the settlements if he wins the next elections.
Netanyahu said in a speech: “There is a historic opportunity to impose sovereignty on West Bank settlements,” adding: “The annexation of the Jordan Valley would be a first step if I win the elections, and I will annex other settlements after the publication of the Trump peace plan,” revealing that Trump will offer “deal of the century” after A day of upcoming Israeli elections.
Netanyahu, who was reviewing his electoral abilities and ambitions, was spotted by cameras as he ran away from an election rally, when sirens sounded after being hit by a Palestinian rocket.
A video posted on Twitter by Channel 13 documented the moment Netanyahu left the hall where he was speaking at the settlement of Ashdod.
The media said that while Netanyahu was speaking at an election event in Ashkelon, the Iron Dome intercepted a number of rockets and heard explosions and sirens, forcing him to cut off his speech and was immediately dropped off the podium.
While Netanyahu’s opponents and rivals responded to his declaration of annexation if he wins the election by saying that “this is empty talk, he fears prosecution for corruption and does everything to avoid imprisonment.” Washington also responded to these statements by asserting that there are no changes in Washington’s policy on the Middle East issue. .

These developments were preceded by clear positions on the axis of resistance by the Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, who stressed that any war on Iran «will be a war on all axis of resistance and aims to liquidate the question of Palestine», and said: «We are not neutral and will not be “In the battle of truth and falsehood, any supposed war on the axis of resistance will be the end of Israel’s existence and the end of American dreams in the region.”

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

After Bolton sacked .. Trump: I disagreed strongly with many of his proposals … Netanyahu vows «electoral» annexation of the Jordan Valley .. Nasrallah: any war will be the end of Israel

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