The national delegation in the Constitutional Committee stressed that every article submitted to the debate must be the criterion for its approval, improvement, development or amendment or the development of a new article is through the compass of the Syrian people, and that those who try to impose preconditions is hindering the work of the Committee, stressing that those who came to the Commission and want They will dictate and make gains or pass agendas they could not impose previously and were defeated on the ground, which they will not be able to impose or pass in the Constitutional Committee and will stand firmly against them.
The small Constitutional Committee held its work yesterday for the third day in a row at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, with two working sessions with a break in accordance with the approved work program.
In a special interview with «Al Watan» from Geneva, and in response to a question about the prohibitions that are prohibited to approach them in the next constitution, a member of the small constitutional committee for the national delegation Ashwaq Abbas: «We are talking about a discussion in the current constitution, although there is any proposal to develop “It is good for the Syrian people and reflected positively on it,” she said. “We are open to even going to put forward a proposal for a new constitution,” she said.
She continued: «the delegation supported by the Syrian government, and after the terrorist and economic war experienced by the Syrian people, and what went through, now understand what he wants and what he needs, if there is a development of the Constitution, the goal of this development is to achieve what the Syrian people want».
She added: «The second limitation is not to prejudice our national constants of the unity, independence and sovereignty of Syria, as well as the issue of occupation and the plundering of wealth and the fight against terrorism are major determinants of our work», and said: «We do not accept the existence of any preconditions from any party and on any subject». Preconditions are unacceptable to the national delegation », and continued:« We have come and our goal of the discussion and come up with more positive results, if any, and who tries to impose preconditions is hindering the work of the Committee ».
She added: «Surprisingly, some are coming to discuss constitutional issues and amend a constitution or the drafting of a new constitution, which sets a time limit as if this ceiling is his goal, while we aim to work carefully, accurately and objectively, time for us ends when the work ends in the Committee».
She pointed out, that the national delegation is composed of specialists, and each article will be discussed by all of us and therefore the goal when putting any article for discussion and drafting is to be in the best form that serves the Syrian people and meet their aspirations ».
If they touched on the other party attempts to pass the Constitutional Committee as one stage and move to another stage, Abbas said: «Regardless of the background from which each member of other delegations to the Constitutional Committee, whatever those backgrounds, we are concerned that each article is presented to The debate must be the criterion for its approval, improvement, development or amendment and the development of a new article is the compass of the Syrian people, and will not pass on the delegation supported by the Syrian government, only after scrutiny and discussion and extensive study ».
Regarding the seriousness of the opposition delegation, the member of the mini-constitutional committee said: “Through the discussion, we found that many of those who put forward ideas that wish to be put in the constitution do not know that they are basically in the Syrian constitution in force, many of them seem not even familiar with the Syrian constitution. As well as many of the issues raised, some political ideas and some legal ideas do not live up to the status of the Constitution, so when we started the meetings of the mini-committee asked the government-backed delegation the need to sort out constitutional ideas from unconstitutional ideas that were raised ».
She concluded by saying: «work in accordance with the controls is the product we as a delegation supported by the government we want to develop a methodology to work objectively and come up with the ideas of a correct constitutional».
Meanwhile, in a special meeting with «Al Watan» from Geneva also, a member of the small constitutional committee for the national delegation, Abdullah al-Sayyed: «two working sessions today were on the agenda to discuss the proposals made during the meetings of the expanded constitutional committee», and that the goal Including «establish a ground from which to build and build so that the Committee does not depart from the mandate given to it».
In response to a question about the seriousness of the work of the Constitutional Committee, he said: “For us as a delegation supported by the Syrian government, they are serious in our proposals and in our discussions and dialogue.” But it is very important that everyone knows that if some have come here and he wants to Dictates and gains or pass agendas they could not impose previously and defeated on the ground will not be able to impose or pass here in the Constitutional Committee and we will stand against it with all firmness and strength ».
Regarding the proposals presented during the meetings of the mini-committee, Mr. Al-Sayyed said: “I can speak about some of the national delegation’s proposals. There was yesterday a text in the constitution on the fight against terrorism that the Syrian people have suffered for eight years. This suffering is very great for Syrians. Therefore, it must be translated into the Constitution. ”
He added: «There was also a discourse on Arabism and that Arabism is a civilized state and a state of cultural affiliation and not a narrow ethnic or political affiliation, and that it can get us out of many of the nerves, and be an inclusive framework for all the Syrian people», and stressed that «the real battle in Syria “It was a battle against terrorism.”
In turn, in a meeting with «home» from Geneva, a member of the mini-committee Riad Taouz: «We are careful not to interfere with the religious factor in the issue of politics and this was also discussed», and added: «The other party has nothing to offer, but put individual personal opinions do not reflect “It is the will of the Syrian people, but they are ideas imported and borrowed from the foreigner.”
On the talk by the Kurdish political and armed organizations that the outputs of the Constitutional Committee do not concern them, Tauz said: «This is an individual opinion of those who claim that, I am protected in the Constitution as a Syrian citizen Kurdish because the Syrian Constitution is addressed to all Syrians of all existing configurations, and this gives me my right I am a fellow and treat me like the rest of the Syrians, but who wants more than citizenship or citizenship, this is a discriminatory situation that we do not accept, except to be real Syrian citizens with our duties and our rights ».
Regarding what the opposition delegation said that it would file a complaint with the government-backed delegation for calling it the government delegation on the grounds that the designation might lead to what he called “repudiation” of the committee’s outputs, he said: This is normal in the steps being discussed on constitutional issues and the constitutional process. ”He added:“ These are false allegations which are unfounded and our name is clear. We express the will of the Syrian people to preserve the Syrian state and its institutions and to achieve its continuity. ” .
“We know the interest of our country and its future and the future of its generations. This is not suitable for the other party, which refuses to date to condemn terrorism, condemn the occupation and condemn what Erdogan is doing, the thief and the thief of the wealth of the Syrian people,” he said. Their business ».
“They represent Erdoganism and refuse to condemn him despite all these tragedies,” he said.
The member of the mini-committee concluded by saying: “We must first agree on who is our enemy and determine our participants, if there are participants, they do not want to provide anything that represents the national situation, but want to represent their platforms, supporters and ideas, and this issue is not acceptable to the Syrian people “They don’t agree with his best interest.”

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Abbas: Our Compass Syrian people .. Sayyed: They will not achieve any agendas defeated on the ground .. Tauz: We know the interest of our country and the future of his generations …

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