The people of Al-Rastan celebrated the anniversary of their salvation from terrorism and the restoration of security and stability to their city. They expressed their confidence in liberating every inch of Syrian land, together with the implementation of the people of Quneitra province in solidarity with our people in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan against the arbitrary practices of the Israeli occupation authorities , Renewing their confidence in the return of the Golan Heights to the Syrian national sovereignty.
With popular, official and party participation, a mass rally was held in downtown Rastan in the northern Homs countryside on the occasion of the first anniversary of its liberation from the abomination of terrorism.
After the ceremony began to observe a minute of silence on the lives of the martyrs of the country, both military and civilians, and played the anthem of the Syrian Arab Republic, several speeches were made by speakers about the values ​​of the tournament, sacrifice, martyrdom and martyrdom.
The celebration was marked by folkloric performances and popular dances performed by students and young people on the occasion of national songs.
The protesters raised pictures of President Bashar al-Assad, and banners expressing their love for their country, their army and their leader, calling the Syrian Arab Army and President Assad.
In a statement to «Home», the Secretary of Homs branch of the Arab Baath Socialist Party, Amr Houria, that the Syrian leadership, led by the Secretary General of the party President Bashar al-Assad of the Syrian Arab Republic is making great efforts and important steps to facilitate the return of all our displaced and displaced people to their villages and towns and cities, Living and living conditions and the necessities of a decent life in light of the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army in restoring security and stability and liberating the remaining part of the land of our beloved country through heroic military operations to preserve the unity and sovereignty of Syria land and people.
Huraira pointed out that the leadership places this issue at the top of its priorities and is keen on reconstruction and the required infrastructure and service, which encourages the displaced and the displaced to return to their homes and take measures to ensure their return and enable them to exercise their normal lives and conduct their work as it was before the war, That all thanks to the blood of our martyrs and the heroic championships of the valiant armed forces and allied and allied forces and the steadfastness of our proud people.
He pointed out that the return of security, security and stability to this region was a victory and an important turning point in the war on terrorism on the one hand and a serious blow to the terrorist project and its supporters on the other. Security and stability to every inch of the homeland.
“We stand today on the anniversary of the liberation of this beautiful city on the shores of our beautiful city from the abomination of terrorism and its supporters and the return of the people to their city and their homes and villages after the establishment of security and stability after the heroic battles and sacrifices made by our Syrian Arab army throughout our beloved country .
He explained that everyone is on the belief that victory is our ally because we have the right in the face of terrorism Takfiri false and sponsors and supporters and tools and implementers and planners.
Al-Watan expressed their joy and happiness in their return to their homes and city after liberation from terrorism by the army forces, thanking and thanking the heroes of the armed forces for their tournaments and sacrifices. They are proud and proud of the anniversary of the victory that has been achieved, which increases confidence and hope. Liberating every inch of Syrian land.
In addition, the people of the province of Quneitra during a stand in front of the building in the city of Baath to express solidarity with our people in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan against the arbitrary practices of the occupation authorities, “Israel”, according to the agency «SANA» news.
The people of Quneitra condemned the settlement projects in various names, the latest of which was the establishment of giant “wind fans” on the lands owned by the people of the occupied Syrian Golan.
The people of the province affirmed that the Golan would remain a Syrian Arab and the forces of arrogance and bullying in the whole world would not be able to change its identity and the fact that it is an integral part of Syrian sovereignty.
He called for the Golan, Issam Shaalan international and legal organizations in the world to pressure the occupation authorities to deter and prevent it from establishing its new settlement project of air fans.
The member of the People’s Assembly Rifat al-Hussein saluted our steadfast people in their land who proved to the world that the occupation’s power and power can not change their national positions and their determination to preserve their Syrian Arab identity.
For his part, Governor of Quneitra Humam al-Dabayat said in a telephone conversation with our people in the occupied Golan during the stand that Syria today is more determined to complete the battles of liberation and the elimination of terrorism and the cleansing of Syrian territory from its abyss and complete the battle to liberate the Golan.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

A pause for the people of Quneitra in solidarity with our people in the Golan against the practices of the occupation, “Israeli” … Celebrate the masses of Rastan a year after the liberation of the city from terrorism

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