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People of Mhardeh celebrate army’s victory in Hama’s northern countryside - Syrian Arab News Agency
Hama, SANA - The people of Mhardeh on Friday gathered in the town’s streets t...
Army units start to comb Khan Sheikhoun city in Idleb countryside from terrorists ’remnants - Syrian Arab News Agency
Idleb, SANA- Syrian Arab Army’s units on Friday started combing operations of K...

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Schizophrenia! US Now Says Yemen NOT Iran Proxy War

In a sudden “about face,” the Trump Administration now claims that Iran is NOT behind the Houthis in Yemen. Has Washington suddenly decided to recognize reality? Not likely. More likely is that the US is trying to help the Saudis out of a lost war. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of innocents were killed in the […]

Ballistic missiles and hundreds of dead and wounded and the capture of thousands in 72 hours … Audio and video Yemen reveals details «Victory of God»

The Yemeni army has unveiled details of Operation Nasrallah by Allah, which resulted in the bombing of a sensitive military site in Riyadh, the bombing of Jizan airport with 10 ballistic missiles, the fall of three military brigades and the capture of thousands.Yemeni armed forces spokesman Brigadier-General Yahya Serai pointed out that Operation Nasrallah was […]

Defending Saudi Arabia…Hardly Our Moral Responsibility!

President Trump’s decision to deploy more US troops (and more failed Patriot Missile batteries) signals the US Administration’s continuing determination to back Saudi Arabia in its aggressive war against Yemen. The US tide of public opinion is turning against granting Saudi Arabia a blank check to destroy Yemen. Trump may find himself alone in his […]

Riyadh announces containing the attack «Aramco» and Zarif: Stop the war in Yemen … Trump to Saudi Arabia: pay a lot of money to protect you!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Washington has revealed the secret of deliberately quick charges against Iran in the case of attacks on Saudi Aramco.While all official positions and statements have taken escalation towards Iran, the US president reiterated that he did not intend to exhaust diplomacy with Iran. “Iran seems to be responsible, but he certainly wants […]

United Nations: Washington, London and Paris are complicit in the crimes of the Saudi coalition in Yemen

The United Nations confirmed that the coalition led by the Saudi regime committed war crimes in Yemen in various forms and methods, pointing out that the United States, France and Britain are also complicit in these crimes. The United States, France and Britain are complicit in war crimes in Yemen by providing equipment, information and […]

Dozens of mercenaries killed and injured in Yemen

Dozens of Saudi mercenaries of aggression were killed and injured during the Yemeni army and popular committees’ response to the biggest offensive attempt in Haradh in Hajjah province. The Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Serai said on his official Telegram page that the heroes of the Yemeni army and the popular committees were […]

Telegraph: Saudi Arabia and its allies are responsible for famine in Yemen

Britain’s Daily Telegraph has highlighted the wide accusations of Saudi Arabia and its allies in the context of the war on Yemen and left the war-weary country starving to death.Saudi Arabia and its allies have pledged $ 1.5 billion of the $ 2.5 billion the UN demanded in February, but less than half of that […]

Yemen and Palestine – Tishreen Newspaper

“Yemen is the world’s greatest humanitarian tragedy – children are deprived of their future” This phrase tells you if you visit Yemen’s page on UNICEF’s website. The website tells you that 360,000 Yemeni children under five are severely malnourished and in need of health care. It needs about $ 536 million to continue to provide […]

US report: Saudi Arabia loses $ 200 million a day in its aggression on Yemen and reaping a total failure

Saudi Arabia loses $ 200 million a day in its failed invasion of Yemen, the American Thinker Center published a report yesterday saying: Saudi Arabia is about to be expelled from Yemen four years after a war in which the Kingdom financed mercenary teams at a cost of $ 200 million a day. the one.The […]

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